Skip Reading. Are you guilty of the crime?

I am currently guilty of a crime that most bookworms would never forgive. Its been a recent habit that’s been brewing over the past couple of months. I know it kind of defeats the purpose of curling up with a good book in the first place but since I started, I just couldn’t stop.

I’ve been cheating. I’ve been sneaking peeks at the last page (except for suspense/whodunit novels cos that would be stupid)… but for everything else, I do. And it sort of sucks because I don’t get as surprised as I want to of the outcome of the story that I’ve invested hours in reading.

On one hand, when I know I will get my way with the ending, it drives me to read the book faster, but when I find the ending kind of blah, I sort of let my momentum go.

This leads me to my second crime. Reading many books at once, starting another before I could finish the first one when I feel boredom setting in. The problem is, I now have a bunch of books that I haven’t quite finished and don’t have the heart to go back to. I know, being a writer myself, I am being unfair to the authors by not giving them the chance to get back their groove, so to speak. Perhaps, by doing what I do, I miss the best parts of the book that was coming if I had just buckled down and stayed with it. So generally, in these cases, it’s my loss. I bought the book, and I didn’t get as much out of it as I should have. Sad.

I’m currently trying to correct this habit by sticking with this book I’m reading by my favorite author. Its especially difficult for me to accept that I’ll not be getting my way about the outcome which she announced way before the book hit the stores. So, straying from it is a challenge that I need to steel myself against.

No matter, its still well written and funny and I find myself warming up to the heroine more and more as I go along. I’m currently 180 pages into the novel and I have high hopes about the outcome.

I swear that once I conquer this habit, I will try to finish the other ones that I have abandoned as well. It’s kind of difficult once the momentum is lost but perhaps, it will come back. Fingers crossed.