Parenting Sucks!

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Parenting is a task that sucks on so many levels. Imagine taking on the responsibility of raising another human being, making sure that he is well clothed, fed, educated, all in the hopes that he will one day become an upstanding citizen and a good person. But the uncertainty that looms with each day that passes is in itself stressful. Admit it, there are days when you just want to tear out your hair out in frustration and question why you chose to become a parent in the first place. It doesn’t make you a monster. It just makes you human — like the rest of us.


Here is a short checklist of small and big things that parents deal with on a day to day basis that proves my point.

1. During your child’s infancy, you get little to no sleep because of baby’s erratic hours of sleep and hunger.
2. During the toddler stage, you dont get enough rest because of his boundless energy.Adding to this,
3. you can’t keep your eye off your child for fear that he will get hurt.
4. When he starts to go to school, you worry about whether or not he will cope,
5. When he gets home, you can’t hear yourself think because of his ceaseless questions.
6. You worry about the best way to discipline him, reading mountains of books about child rearing as you go along.
7. You wash mountains of dirty clothes smelling of sweat and caked in mud.
8. You try to protect your kid from the ills of the world but you never quite manage to do it
9. You question yourself each time your kid screws up or does bad things
10. You worry about whether or not your meager income can cover his tuition
11. You wonder how your income will support his allowances and expenses
12. You feel inadequate when you can’t provide the best
13. While you kid grows up, he starts to deflect your attentions
14. Your kid will start comparing you to other parents with you being the loser if he doesn’t get what he wants.
15. Your kids will start questioning your judgement and challenge you.
16. Your kids will want to spend more time with friends than with family
17. You get to a point where you feel like you don’t know your kid anymore.
18. They will not always be obedient, honest or good
19. They might experiment with the very things you warned them against.
20. You (most often than not) are left to clean up the mess.

Looking back at these things that my parents, as well as any other parent in the world must have gone through or are going through right now, it makes me wonder what it really takes to be a good one, and how dedicated they are in trying, despite all of the effort involved… despite all of the uncertainty and all of the negatives they have to work against. It makes you wonder how much they love you to go through all of this just to make sure you turn out alright.

This article is a shoutout to all the parents in the world who wage a battle with life everyday to come to bring home “pasalubong” (gifts), the dads and moms who work their asses off, sacrificing their time to do the chores so that we don’t have to. This is for all the parents who worry about their kids (no matter what age) safety and for all the wrinkle lines these have caused.

There are many more things that parents do, that parents go through… its a job that never ends. Parenting sucks. Its a tough job. Thank you for taking it on without hesitation. Thank you for loving us enough to stick with it. It is our greatest hope that the fruits of your labor will be well worth it one day. Just remember that though we may not be your ideal kids most of the time, we love you so much. Thank you very very much.. we wouldn’t be here without you.