Can’t get over DAIR!

I’ve been thinking of something to write about these past few days and I find myself at a loss for something interesting. But yesterday, I was surfing through youtube to kill time and stumbled upon something that I just couldn’t get over — something that reignited my love for Gossip Girl, which I must admit has become a snoozefest ever since Chuck took over Bass Industries.

Anyways, I’ve been lurking in Spoiler sites checking on the latest thing about Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf these past months and although I never really saw it coming, I have developed a great support for their unlikely pairing. I like that they’re both smart and into the same things. I like that they’re polar opposites personality wise. I like that they support each other as friends. I like the way that their looks complement each other and I like the way that they don’t coddle each other. Each Humphrey and Waldorf battle doesn’t hold anything back. It comes with no artifice. They both take as well as they dish out. My favorite scene for this season, actually I have two. The first being their discussion of Rosemary’s Baby while Blair was watching and Dan was reading it, and when Blair went to Dan’s apartment and fell asleep on his shoulder while they watched television and hung out. So cute!

But what I really like about Dan with Blair is that Dan recognizes Blair’s strengths as well as her weaknesses. He doesn’t have to bear the brunt of the relationship like he did with Serena, who has regressed into becoming the series’ second weakest character (next to Nate Archibald)… She repeats the same mistakes over and over again and has slept with almost everybody on the show. Blair, on the other hand, is all natural with Dan, doesn’t have to worry about his ego like she did with Chuck and is in no danger to becoming pawn to Dan’s evil schemes. I like that Blair’s vulnerabilities are exposed this season, but her character is still constantly evolving. Same with Dan, who was pretty ho hum the past three seasons but suddenly found his footing in Season 4. The clandestine friendship and how they’re both making too much of a big deal out of it really lends that fun feel to the show. I just can’t help smiling at their antics. So, I’m so shipping DAIR now. No more Chuck who treats Blair like an accessory. No more Serena who only thinks of Dan when everything else falls to pieces. While Dan was good for Serena, she wasn’t for him and while Blair was great for Chuck (I used to be a Chair shipper), he doesn’t deserve her for all the pain and heartache he put her through.

I can’t wait for their return on April 18! For the meantime, here’s my current favorite DAIR video on youtube. Enjoy! >> Anywhere But Here Dan/Blair