The Cinderella Syndrome a.k.a. My Shoe Addiction

a part of my shoe stack

Alright. I admit it. I love shoes just as much as the next girl. Maybe more so because as I was organizing my shoe rack (which is groaning from the weight of its load), I discovered that I actually had 33 pairs of shoes. These are of course, discounting those that I have already given to charity recently. I was actually wondering how this came to be because I mostly use sneakers to work and practically everywhere else. But as I analyzed my stash, it would seem that I got a bit carried away with purchasing these very same sneaks, as I had with shoedals and the the like. Well, I must be excused because even Cinderella knew the importance of finding the perfect pair of shoes.

However, unlike the orphan turned princess, I get mine not to make an impression on my prince but rather to find comfort for the most abused part of my body — my dainty (?) feet.

running shoes that I got on sale

This weekend, I added two items to my collection. A pair of running shoes and a pair of formal shoes — both from great sales — one I got to encourage me to run and exercise more and one for a good friend’s wedding in May. I figured that these won’t go to waste as I usually buy pairs that I could use for other occasions as well. The runners, I would use for training in the oval and for next month’s fun run and the black formals I could wear with my slacks on occasion.

shoes for the wedding!

Honestly, I have always been drawn to nice pairs of shoes, but like I said, my journey always involves finding the ones that are uber comfortable to wear. I like walking around. This is a habit I developed since my earlier days of college where we were always on the go, doing coverages, running to classes and afterwards for my part time jobs. This habit never changed as I became a reporter. I still walked a lot to get to different offices to get more stories in the minimum amount of time. Now that I’m no longer one, I still walk around the campus to get the circulation going. This is why it is important for me to have nice footwear that can take me to places no matter how distant and no matter how long I would need to stand up. I don’t like pairs that would blister my feet, and I hate those that feel like vices on my toes.

my favorite pair of shoedals on its way to retirement

This was around the same time I discovered Sanuk. As soon as I tried them on, I was hooked. They were heaven on my feet! I was ecstatic. However, they were quite expensive so the practical side of me won out. I hunted for similar styled shoes that were just as comfortable but not as costly. I found them at American Boulevard. They were having a sale on shoedals that sold for less than P600 a pair, but they felt great on the feet. The problem was, their smallest size was 5 for men! Well, I thought about it and since they were closed shoes, I figured, I would just wear them with socks and they would fit like a glove. They did. I still use them now. My first one is almost at the end of its road but not to worry, I bought four extra pairs as replacements just in case 😉

back up shoedals 🙂

Yeah, yeah, I know, right? Five pairs of shoes of a similar design is a bit too much, even if I loved them. Well, it doesn’t matter now. Me and my shoedals will surely have more adventures ahead of us.

Sometimes, I also let my hair down and let the girly side of me win. It is not often that this happens but when I do, I apply the same principle, and look for the same things. Comfort, Style, and and Cost. I’m not a big fan of heels though. No matter how cute the design, I usually look the other way. I would trip on them in five minutes flat given my reputation. As an indulgence though, I try them on at the shoe store, just to see how they would look, but I never buy them unless absolutely necessary.

two pairs I got from Artwork 🙂 I loved them so much I had to have both.

My real favorites are the ones that my family gifts me. Because I have small feet, its a cinch to get me great shoes. During one birthday, my brother got me the coolest pair of Chucks ever. I still haven’t washed them till now (I don’t usually wash my sneakers cos it adds character to the shoes), and a pair of Sanuk slippers for Christmas. Not to mention my mom who keeps buying me footwear every time she gets new ones. She has great taste, and her buying me shoes as a throwback to the days when I was a kid is absolutely a treat for me that never gets old.

All in all, I think there are a lot of people out there who can relate with me. We might not get our shoes for the same reasons but as long as it makes us feel good, and we don’t spend our entire savings purchasing them, I guess its okay. I once saw a piece on TV featuring shoes, and one actress said that once you see a pair of shoes that you really like and you can afford, go buy it because the happiness that it can give you will boost your drive to do better. And for some women, having great footwear has been great inspiration for self esteem. In closing though, I would like to state for the record that I will be clearing up my shoe rack for the summer and giving the shoes that I don’t use at much to church. Maybe someone somewhere who needs the shoes more than I do would love them as much as I have.

loafers from mom. My mom has these in purple and bro also has one in black
Chucks from my brother