Who will the Queen B choose? Blair’s Love Trifecta

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As Gossip Girl returns after yet another season break in the wake of the Dan Humphrey/ Blair Waldorf kiss, we find the Queen B, out of sorts and unsure of what to do now that she has been fired from her internship and in limbo about her status with Chuck and Dan. We find Chuck up to his old schemes after he remembers Blair’s existence (again) and suddenly decides to want her back (after claiming to be in love with Raina). Typical.

This is the first of the last five episodes in the season so while it was uneventful (I was shipping Dair this whole time), I have high hopes for a nail biting season ender where Blair is expected to get engaged with one of the men in her love trifecta — Chuck (who was shot down at the end of the episode after he tried to humiliate Dan), Dan (who was definitely crushing on Blair, but is open to a new love interest in Serena’s cousin Charlie), or Prince Louis (who emerged from a limousine bearing one of Blair’s exquisite pumps at the end of the show).

I’ve been surfing for spoilers the entire time the show was on break and found some juicy tidbits of information. 1. that Blair was going to get engaged. 2. that both Penn Badgely who plays Dan Humphrey and Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) have said that what happens between Dair is not what you would expect, which leads me to the conclusion that a.) there will be no Dair, b.) they will get engaged at the end of the season or c.) the Dair drama will continue on til season 5. 3.) EW’s Ausiello also hinted that Chuck will not intentionally cause Blair physical harm, leading me to suspect that perhaps the season would end in an accident. 4.) that the new character of Charlie has an option to become a season regular, perhaps adding her to the mix of already complicated characters on the Upper East Side.

I am liking how the last few episodes are shaping around Blair, my favorite character in the show. I would like her to become happy because it seems that she is always the one who is getting hurt, especially in relationships. First, Nate cheated on her with Serena, and Chuck whored her off to Jack Bass to get Bass Industries (and this is only among his many sins involving Blair and his businesses). I sort of miss the old Chuck, who sacrificed his own happiness (prom episode) so that Blair could fulfill her dream. But now, he’s become so selfish and self assured that its ridiculous. He treats people like pawns, even those who genuinely care about him. However, he does have his moments. And in his own twisted way, he does love Blair and may in fact be her soulmate. In The Kids Stay in the Picture episode, he looked dapper while Dan looked like — Dan. Perhaps this was the writers’ way to show the contrast between the characters, or perhaps this was their way of conditioning the viewers into who Blair will pick. Personally, I’m conflicted. I love Dan, perhaps more in this season than the previous seasons where his character got swallowed up by the Upper East Siders. This season, he was still the typical boy next door but with Blair, he was so much more. Sometimes, he was her conscience, her safety blanket, her sparring partner, her shock absorber, but what I liked about him was that he was the one who was giving a bit of himself to Blair, not the other way around like in her previous relationships where she felt the need to scheme and measure up all the time. Dan understands Blair, faults and all and accepts her for being the imperfect person that she is. Prince Louis on the other hand, will also make a good choice (I think the writers brought back the Prince to ride on the Royal Wedding bandwagon — smart) because it would be nice to see how Blair battles it out to earn her spot in the Royal family. Besides, if the Prince genuinely likes Blair, why not give him a chance? She might need a break from all the drama in the Upper East Side.

So who’s your bet? Who should the Queen get engaged to in the last episode?

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