Why do people watch The Bachelor?

I have always wondered about the appeal of The Bachelor. Come on, think about it. As a woman, would you subject yourself to “group dates” with 20 other “hopefuls” and do ridiculous things to earn the attention of your so called date (no matter how hot he is)? Would you kiss a guy who had his mouth down another woman’s throat not a few minutes before (no matter how hot he is), or would you endure the cattiness of fellow competitors, their insults and their meanness and the general public ridicule that comes with it when you eventually leave the mansion?

Really, I can’t figure it out. Of course they are paid handsomely for their appearance on the show and most of it is scripted anyway so it should be treated like an acting job but I truly find trouble reconciling with the fact that these women are all smart, beautiful and seem normal without the cameras rolling on their faces 24/7. And the guys — how fake are their anguish when they decide who to let go? How could you claim to fall in love with all of the girls? That, in itself is a red flag in a normal set up. I know I’ve only seen a couple of episodes in all of its 15 seasons but the ratio for having a successful marriage come out of the show is actually less than 10 percent (Season 13 bachelor married runner up Molly Malaney last year but the rest broke up months after the show stopped airing) so is it truly worth it?

Perhaps, its appeal has something to do with its fairy tale set up — one prince, dozens of maidens in the ballroom and he weaves his way to the crowd to find his princess, and perhaps this gives women hope (?) that some rich and handsome guy will sweep them off their feet should they survive the degradation of jumping through hoops to please so called prince. Perhaps, they see the debasement as the pound of flesh they need to pay in order to get their happily ever after. I really don’t know. But then, that’s reality TV for you. As long as people watch it, it will spawn more and more seasons. As for me, I just had to get that off my chest.