Gossip Girl Finale: What did you think?

A Bittersweet End. Chair, all smiles at a bar mitzvah they crashed.

So, its no secret that I’ve been shipping the DAIR pairing this entire season. But last night’s finale had me conflicted and reminiscing about the Prom episode in Season 2, when Chuck stepped out of the picture so that Blair could have her dream prom with Nate. Chuck can be really sweet when he’s not being an as*wipe, this much I can concede, and the chemistry between Leighton Meester’s Blair and Ed Westwick’s Chuck is simply undeniable. When he decided to let Blair go and be happy with Prince Louis, it was truly bittersweet and spoke of a maturity that we have not seen in the dapper Mr. Bass for quite some time now.

So, in a nutshell, last night’s finale dealt with a lot of storylines being wrapped up and in typical Gossip Girl fashion, new ones being unraveled. Dan is still pining for Blair, Georgina Sparks is back in town ready to cause mischief for our favorite Upper East Siders. Blair is on her way to Monaco to prepare for her wedding to Louis, Serena takes some time off and meets a new guy on the beach, lands a job in a film (because she happened to read the book they were basing it on). This was a big surprise to me that Serena even reads.(They referred to it twice in the episode, when she told Blair she was taking time off to read on the beach and actually bumps into a guy who was reading something that she previously read).

I'm baaaack. Georgina Sparks at Constance Billard Ball

Anyways, there’s also Vanessa, who wraps up her stint in GG by stealing Dan’s novel and sending it to a publisher (I am sincerely hoping that the person other than Serena who she referred to as someone who would appreciate Dan’s portayal is Blair), and Chuck and Nate finally bonding like the bachelors they are in a random trip overseas. It was nice to see them do normal things that guys their age do, instead of scheming all the time. Good news — Raina is finally gone (Thank goodness, she was so annoying). But another annoying character, Charlie (or Ivy) who was actually hired by Lily’s sister to pose as her daughter to get hold of the Rhodes trust fund, seems to be returning to team up with Georgina for yet another scam. I hope it doesn’t involve Dan because I’m still holding out for a DAIR reunion in Season 5. But the biggest cliffhanger is whose pregnancy test (positive) was it that Dorota dumped in the trash from Blair’s room?

It was a pretty solid finale that would have me hooked to GG for another season at least (depending on what spin the storyline would take). My guess is that its not going to be Blair’s baby (because there’s a lot more drama to be had with the Queen). I hope it’s Serena’s so she can learn something about responsibility. But it could also be Eleanor’s (Blair has a baby sister in the book named Yale, whom she loves dearly like her own daughter). For the meantime, let the writers decide what to do with the characters (Kill Charlie) during the hiatus and await the season 5 pilot with bated breath. It’s bound to be awesome. After all, peace at the UES is fleeting at best.