Hunger Games Casting Choices: Agree or Disagree?

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen: The 21 year old star of the critically acclaimed Winter’s Bone and The Beaver has been criticized to be too old for the role of the 16 year old Mockingjay, aside from being a natural blond, as opposed to Katniss’s dark hair. But her resume alone guarantees that she has the acting chops to portray the role of the gritty heroine. Is it enough to pull off the character?

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark: The young Mr. Hutcherson has appeared in indie flicks like The Kids Are Alright (an Oscar contender), as well as mainstream blockbusters like Journey to the Center of the Earth, Zathura and The Vampire’s Assistant. Some fans have been up and arms over this choice as he does not fit the look of Peeta, the male tribute from District 12, as well as seemingly one dimensional choice in characters (angtsy teen). However, I still remember Josh from his breakout role in Little Manhattan and I am pretty confident that he will be able to muster the sensitivity needed for Peeta’s character in the first two Hunger Games installments and shine in the emotionally charged third chapter.

Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne: This Australian native, better known as Miley Cyrus’s former flame has appeared in The Last Song and several low profile movies. Although he is a relative newcomer, he has shown potential in the roles that he did play. He has also bagged the role of Ali Baba in the upcoming Arabian Nights so he might be well on his way to the A-list soon enough. I like him for the role of Gale because I’m not a big fan and I’ve always been Team Peeta all the way so I don’t want to get conflicted when I watch the movie.

Woody Harrelson as Haymitch: Woody Harrelson could take on any role and excel at it, whether it be a psychotic mass murderer, a vulnerable retard, a crazy gun toting zombie killer addicted to Twinkies, or an eccentric pirate radio deejay. Is he Haymitch material ( a drunk, wily and secretly sensitive mentor to District 12 tributes) though?

Lenny Kravitz as Cinna: When the role of Cinna was being shopped around, there was genuine consensus among the forums — get Lenny Kravitz. Who else could portray the role of the cool and stylish, yet utterly deep stylist for the Hunger Games? Do you agree with the choice or could they have gotten somebody else?

Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman: I stand by my belief that Stanley Tucci is among the most underrated actors in Hollywod. He is a chameleon, taking on roles that are both likeable, annoying, mildly menacing to downright creepy. He takes on the role of Ceasar in the Hunger Games, tasked to interview the tributes and make the audience love them before they battle it out to the death.

Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket: Playing the escort of District 12 tributes to the Capitol, Effie Trinket is known to be a flamboyant character who is oblivious to the wrongness of the games. She is overly cheerful and chirpy but generally has her heart in the right place. I’m not too sure Elizabeth Banks is the right person for the role. I’ve always thought of Effie to be a plump and short woman and not stunning and blond like Elizabeth.

Tributes: Isabelle Furhman (Orphan) and Alex Ludwig (Race to Witch Mountain, The Seeker) have been cast as vicious District 2 career tributes. I am sure Furhman will make for an awesome clove. Not sure about Ludwig though…