The 7th season of Grey

There is a reason why I never quit this show even during its low point where Izzie Stevens was having sex with her dead fiancee. Its a good show, which never lacks for unexpected twists, and season after season, it delivers. Season 7 is no different.

The show returns with the aftermath of the Seattle-Mercy West shooting, and the residents and doctors come to grips with their traumas in different ways. Christina wants to quit being a surgeon, Meredith refuses to tell Derek that she miscarried, Alex refuses to have the bullet on his chest removed and becomes terrified of elevators, and the rest of the people in the hospital carry their scars in different ways.I felt that these were some of the strongest episodes of the season, exposing Christina Yang’s vulnerabilities, her gradual meltdown and the awkward friendship that developed between Meredith’s best friend and her husband, when she and Meredith were on the outs.

There was a lot going on this season. Break ups (Sloan and Lexie), hook ups (Bailey and Eli, Lexie and Avery, Alex and Lucy, Teddy and Henry), weddings (Calizona, MerDer, Teddy and Henry), babies (MerDer, Calizona/Sloan, Yang and Owen), and the race for chief resident make up the bulk of the season. Of course, who can forget the awesome musical episode? Owen was a revelation. The guy can sing, although I was waiting for Derek to break out into song. I wish they had made Mark sing more because he had that natural rock star feel to his voice. This season, we also find Meredith getting into trouble with the clinical trial for Alzheimer’s, Karev again gives viewers a taste of his softer side with unorthodox methods of bringing in the African kids for free surgeries–  all in all an eventful season that left a lot hanging in the balance for the next one. However, the last episode, although not lacking in emotional bombshells, seemed a tad anticlimactic to me, compared to the previous six finales.

Perhaps, the reason why the show is still on the air is that Grey’s has consistency, it has great kickass musical scores, and a great storyline that gives each character their own moments. Although it seems that the doctors are always doing musical chairs in terms of relationships, the story is constantly  evolving, and is now maturing to a place where lead characters Meredith and Christina are in stable relationships and are facing tougher challenges involving starting a family and dealing with their damaged pasts. Karev, who has stayed in the background in earlier seasons is now stepping up and showing viewers why he is still relevant to the show. While I miss George, and think that April Kepner is an annoying bitch who can never take his place, the new characters have transitioned smoothly into Seattle Grace and are now as much part of the show as most of the secondary characters (They’re still not in the league of the regulars, in my opinion).

This season, I for one, am glad that the story has shifted to become more about relationships — friendship, love, and medicine (tree in the lung) rather than just screwing in the on call room, which has made the show famous in years past. Grey is growing up, y’all, and I’m sure there’s a couple of seasons still up in Shonda Rhimes’ sleeve.