The awesomeness of Chuck Norris

There were a lot of great action stars who made their name in the 80s but only a few can rival the popularity of Chuck Norris. When people hear the name, they know they’re in for an action packed ride. Unfortunately though, I was just a little baby during his heyday but I did manage to watch some of his movies (my mom loves them) and thought that the guy really deserved his fame — most of them had explosions,  hand to hand combat (he was a karate champ), and a lot of seedy villains of an international variety.

I mention this because while a friend and I were talking about our homeboy Chuck yesterday, we stumbled upon this great site It was filled with a lot of Chuck Norris “facts” that his fans contributed, all in good fun of course, and told of all the cool things that Chuck could do that mere mortals could not even fathom including the extinction of dinosaurs, causing the black hole, having extra fists underneath his beard, and having a roundhouse kick button on his facebook account. It’s better when you read the full facts on the site. It was so amusing that it inspired me to write this blog about ole’ Chuckie’s most memorable roles in cinema. You might even recognize some of them.

Chuck Norris's third fist punching Brian on Family Guy

1. Major Scott McCoy (Delta Force, 1986) — In this movie, Chuck finds himself leading a team of elite US force tasked to save a US passenger plane from Palestinian terrorists who hijacked the plane.

2. J.J. McQuade (Lone Wolf McQuade, 1983) — Alright, I know what you’re thinking. Who in their right mind would spend money to see a movie with a cheesy title like this one? Apparently, with Chuck Norris on top billing, many people did. Fans truly dug this movie about a Texas Ranger (Norris) who tries to rescue his daughter after she was kidnapped by the main villain played by David Carradine. It’s David Carrdine. And Chuck Norris. Do I need to explain myself further?

3. Cliff Garret (The Hitman, 1991) — When the name Cliff Garretcomes up, it doesn’t really ring any bellslike perhaps John Rambo or John McLane, but a mere mention of this movie to hard core action afficionados would immediately bring to mind the police officer who was betrayed by his crooked partner and seeks  revenge by bringing down the syndicate from within.

4. Col. James Barradock (Missing in Action, 1984) — This is arguably Chuck’s most popular film, featuring him as a super soldier out to save prisoners of war in Vietnam. The only thing that you need to know about this movie is that it has everything a war movie should have — weapons, explosions, Chuck’s marvelous mullet and martial arts.

5. Colt (Way of the Dragon, 1972) — Now this movie was released way before I was born, so I don’t have that much of an idea about it except that its a Bruce Lee movie about a guy keeping the local Mafia from taking over a restaurant in HongKong, and ending up in a fight to the death in a Colosseum. Colt is the best of the fighters whom Bruce eleventually kills but shows great respect for. This movie is the first and only time (that I know of) that Chuck gets beaten by anyone. It is also credited for launching his movie career.

So if you happen to stumble into one of these titles in the video store, you might want to check out these classics. I assure you that it still rocks, and will still kick ass well until you’re 70.