Sex and the City: A pleasant surprise

Call me crazy but I just haven’t been as into this Sex and the City thing even before when it was such a hit on television. A bunch of women in their mid thirties prowling the streets of New York chronicling their misadventures in their quest to find true happiness. When the movie came out, of course, I wasn’t jumping up and down in my chair like I was with Harry Potter, and chose not to see in the movie in the cinema.

But last night, while I was channel surfing with nothing good to watch on television, I stopped at a channel featuring the chick flick and actually found myself interested. The story was pretty strong. Carrie and Big finally decide to tie the knot but in the process, Carrie gets carried away with the wedding preparations that she forgets that the occassion is supposed to be about her and her guy. This pushes Big to have serious doubts about getting hitched and ends up leaving Carrie without a groom at the venue. He eventually comes around but Carrie is furious at him and packs up her bags to leave their apartment. But the movie is not just about the fabulously clad Carrie, but also about her three friends who are all in different stages of their relationships with the men in their lives. Miranda is out of sorts with her husband Steve and decides to leave him, Samantha is finally in a stable relationship and living in LA with her actor-boyfriend but is struggling to cope with the restlessness she is is feeling while away from New York, and Charlotte finally gets pregnant after years and years of trying.

What truly got me, aside from the plot, was the fashion. I, for one, am not the most fashion forward person, opting for comfort rather than style, but the gorgeous gowns and the effortless parade of great garments worn by the stars was truly a sight to behold and had me wanting to go on a shopping spree.

Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson also stars in this movie dealing about women and their issues, their different priorities and drive to reclaim their power, and different ways that define their happiness. As a standalone, even if I have never seen an episode of the series in my life. I think this is a great chick flick that goes deeper than the superficial. I am pleasantly surprised.