Eurotrip = LOL

I am a big fan of buddy comedies — the grosser, the better. Eurotrip, which was released in 2004 and which I only saw recently, is one of the best teen comedies I’ve seen in a while.

Eurotrip is a story about a teenage dude named Scott(y), who is freshly dumped by his slutty hot girlfriend Fiona (Kristen Kreuk) for band vocalist Donny (Matt Damon) and finds solace in his pen pal Mike from Berlin. When Mike offers to go to America to see him and start something with him, Scott tells him off, because he thinks that Mike is a guy. When he finds out that Mike is actually read as Mika in Germany, and that Mike is not a guy but a hot girl, he sets off for Europe with his best buddy Cooper, a slacker whose greatest ambition is to have a sexual pilgrimage to Europe, and the brother and sister tandem of Jenny (Michelle Tratchenberg) and Jamie (Travis Wester) to embark on a hilarious overseas adventure filled with mishaps including dodging a perv on the train, having a showdown with a robot mime, among a few. Throughout the trip, the gang will encounter a variety of bars, booze, and boobs, and more, not particularly in that order. All for Scotty to make it right with the girl he wanted to be with the whole time.

Uh oh!

Although the movie incorporated the same formula as most roadtrip movies before it, I thought that this flick is very funny because the stars stayed in character the whole time, nailing gag after gag with precision without much effort. They were also a charismatic bunch who had excellent rapport and appeared to have great fun doing the movie, giving off an air of general laidback-ness (is there such a word?) to the flick. The humor was crass and over the top, but never reached the point of annoying. The script banked mostly on misconceptions about Europe, but it worked because it was following a certain storyline and a general direction. All roads were leading to Berlin, after all.

All in all, a laugh out loud comedy about teens and the extent they would go for love/lust. I loved it 🙂