New Girl :)

There are plenty of reasons to tune in to the adventures of Zooey Deschanel on her new TV show, New Girl, which deals with a young quirky schoolteacher (Deschanel) who finds herself sharing an apartment with three single guys after her big breakup with her cheating ex-boyfriend Spencer, who by the way, has beautiful hair. The main reason for watching is really Zooey, she’s adorkable!

New Girl is a show quite similar to Friends, or How I Met Your Mother, or Cougartown in terms of the characters’ relationships but unlike the ensemble casts, this series focuses primarily on Jesse, the “New Girl” who brings all kinds of crazy to the lives of the Nick (Jake M. Johnson), a bartender who was recently dumped by his long time girlfriend Caroline; Schmidt (Max Greenfield), who works at a fancy company and thinks he’s God’s gift to women but is really just a regular guy who likes to make himself pretty and pick up chicks; and there’s also Winston (Lamorne Morris), a former basketball player who returns from his stint playing professional in Latvia. He makes an appearance after the first episode where Damon Wayans rounded up the trio as Coach, a personal trainer who has a really bad temper. It was reported that Wayans dropped out of the cast due to conflicts with another series in which he stars entitled Happy Endings.

What’s great about the series is that the characters each have a different personality but they all work well together. They have a genuine rapport which makes it more fun for the viewers as they throw off lines and make fun of each other. I laugh out loud with every episode because the characters are just complete goofballs and they have Jesse, Deschanel’s character, who is the epitome of an adorable  dork, whose quirkiness seems like second nature. She sings songs about herself, wears fake teeth to formal get togethers, and thinks bells are cool. I also like the way the friendships are developed in the series and the way the characters have each other’s backs, considering that they have only been living together for a short time.

Some would say that this role is nothing new for Deschanel but in my opinion, nobody could play this part better than her. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody told me that they wrote the show especially for her because that would make a lot of sense. So, if you’re a fan of Zooey, you would probably love her in this stint but if you don’t, it might be better for you to check out her sister Emily in the crime drama Bones, which is equally good with with a more serious tone.

New Girl is a hilarious comedy and a total stress buster. After a long day at work, this series will make you laugh and will also provide an occasional awww moment when the characters show different facets to their personality. It’s the type of show that will get you hooked, especially as you watch the guys being protective of Jess like three cooky bodyguards and at the same time learning from her as she takes on the world on her own terms and unmindful of what others would think of her. Jess is the type of girl next door that would annoy you, infuriate you, and make you take a closer look at yourself and how you’ve been doing things in your own life. Sure, its a typical sitcom and most people won’t really land on their feet as much as she has but one has to admit that Jess has the makings of a character that could make a niche, much like Friends’ Phoebe, or How I Met Your Mother’s Barney in the small screen as much as she has in her big movie roles. Personally, I hope this show lasts for a lot of seasons 🙂