Best of 2011 Poll: Fan Favorites

2011 has been a year of great movies, from original releases to sequels — from action to drama, to animation, to just about anything. This year has been jam packed with films that fans have been dying to see and boy, did they troop to the cinemas in full force.

Compiling this list of choices has not been easy as I too, have tried to be objective about which movies should be nominated for each category. The categories in itself are unlike those that are given by award giving bodies, but those that fans, moviegoers and film buffs like you appreciate in taking in these movies. Some of you would notice that there are no local (Filipino) releases included in the choices. That’s because I have a separate poll coming within the week after I have watched (and reviewed) movies entered in the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Feel free to sound off at the comments section if you feel that I have forgotten to include your favorites on the list. I am, after all human and not prone to overlooking some details. Your comments will be more than welcome. So without much ado, welcome to the Best of 2011 Poll: Fan Favorites which will be open from Dec. 24-31 at 12 pm. Winners will be posted on the afternoon of the 31st while I will blog about my personal favorites on the 1st of January. Vote wisely! This is bound to be a doozy 🙂 Happy holidays everyone!