Best of 2011: You Say, I Say

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After the week-long poll on the best movies of the year, the verdict is finally out. Here’s the list of Fan Favorites based on the survey and of course, I can’t let it all end without putting my two cents in.

Sci Fi

You Say: Rise of the Planet of the Apes dominated the competition as it garnered 50 percent of the votes while Matt Damon’s The Adjustment Bureau ranked second with 33.3 percent. Rounding up the top 3 is J.J. Abrams’ Super 8.

I Say: I echo your sentiments. I think that Rise of the Planet of the Apes has the complete package. Excellent CGI, remarkable actors and a story that makes you root for a bunch of apes that stage a revolt after suffering under the hands of mankind. Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in the LOTR series and James Franco did a great job in establishing a father and son relationship between man and ape that connects with the audience in a dramatic level.


You Say: It wasn’t even a contest because 80 percent of voters ranked the fourth installment of Pirates of the Carribbean the best adventure movie of the year. The remaining 20 percent went to another Johnny Depp starrer (well, his voice at least) Rango.

I Say: Are you guys reading my mind? Of course the swashbuckling adventures of Captain jack Sparrow is the best of the year. Conan was pretty okay but the horrible acting completely ruined the film for me.


You Say: The poltergeist-inspired horror Insidious seemed to have creeped out voters the most as it scared up 40 percent of the tally. Paranormal Activity 3 and Scream 4 share the second spot with 20 percent apiece.

I Say: Okay, so, you’re not really reading my mind because my top pick for best horror of the year is Final Destination 5, which served up blood, guts and extreme carnage in liberal proportions. It has actually earned itself a place is my favorite horror flicks ever. I especially liked the twist in the end and proved that creativity can work wonders even for a sequel.

Chick Flick: 

You Say: Twi-hards unite! The fourth chapter in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 1 proved that gorgeous vampires and werewolves vying for the love of a plain Jane is still a perfect recipe for girls’ hearts to go a-flutter. Breaking Dawn got 50 percent of your votes while Something Borrowed followed far behind with 25 percent.

I Say:  My choices for best chick flicks are actually Just Go With It and Friends with Benefits. I have always associated the genre with a feel good feeling after one leaves the theater and these two flicks totally cracked me up. Being a big fan of Mila Kunis, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston totally doesn’t have anything to do with it (psych!).


You Say: Ethan Hunt’s latest mission (Ghost Protocol) seemed to have you at the edge of your seats at it pleased 50 percent of voters enough to get the top spot. Transfomers: Dark of the Moon, Immortals and Fast Five share second place.

I Say: I must admit that the latest Mission Impossible had a lot to offer but I believe that action-wise, Fast Five ran off with my vote. Transformers was totally awesome too, in my opinion and was the only movie of the year that I bothered at all to see in IMAX 3D.


You Say: SNL alums proved girl power supreme as Bridesmaids left the wolf pack in the dust for this category. The movie trickled your fancy enough to nab 33.3 percent of your votes while Horrible Bosses trailed at 25 percent. Johnny English is a close 3rd at 16.67 percent.

I Say: My personal favorite for this genre was Horrible Bosses mainly because the weird character choices for three A-listers, Aniston, Spacey and Colin Farrel totally cracked me up. The three regular dudes who plot to kill their bosses — Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day knocked their lines out of the park to bring to life a pretty typical story with charming and relatable characters that you laugh out loud with.


You Say: The X:Men First Class was such a great addition to the franchise that 50 percent of you voted for it. Chris Evans’ Captain America took second place with 25 percent while Thor came in third with 16.67. Some Green Lantern loyalists also thought that Ryan Reynolds did a pretty decent job at 8.33 percent.

I Say: I thought it was pretty close but I enjoyed Captain America the most because of its faithfulness to comics’ approach to cinematography. Evans evolution from reed-thin reject to pumped up superhero was also a sight to behold. X Men was awesome in terms of character development and each hero/villain was given their own moments to shine, but the biggest surprise for me was Thor. I really didn’t think that I would like it and I did, mainly because newcomer Chris Hemsworth has great charisma. Blake Lively ruined Green Lantern for me and no amount of Ryan Reynolds or Mark Strong could compensate for my annoyance at the blond bombshell.

Kiddie Movie: 

You Say: Po’s Kung Fu Panda  dominated the category as his second adventure reaped a whopping 75 percent of the votes. Cars 2, A Dolphin Tale and Mr. Popper’s Penguins share second honors.

I Say: I thoroughly enjoyed all the movies in the category and honestly don’t think that I can choose any one in particular. I declare this a tie.

Best Franchise: 

You Say: Of all the big time franchises that released a movie this year, you awarded a triple tie among Harry Potter, Twilight and Transformers at 33.33 percent each.

I Say: I think the best choices is Transformers. Its hard to come up with sequels and sustain the momentum of the franchise, but this series helmed by Michael Bay seems to always level up its game to bring something new to the table, always trying to surpass the previous one and not just come out with a new movie to earn a quick buck. Harry Potter (while I’m a big fan of the franchise) failed to end the series on a strong note, leaving most fans underwhelmed about the final battle while Twilight should not have broken Breaking Dawn into two parts at all as the material is already running pretty thin as it is. No great battle in the books to look forward to so what does that leave fans with for the final movie,then?

Book to Movie Adaptation: 

You Say: Of all book to movie adaptations released this year, you liked Twilight: Breaking Dawn and Real Steel the most as they each received 38.46 percent of your votes. Harry Potter got 23.08 percent.

I Say: My choice goes out to Real Steel – no questions asked. The Hugh Jackman-Dakota Goyo starrer was inspiring, heartwarming and compelling and works well for kids and adults as well. Part family drama, robot action, and sports movie, I like to refer to movie as Rocky with Robots. I initially thought it was going to be commercial and gimmicky but I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be so much more.

Special Effects: 

You Say: The Transformers are at the top of your list with 46.15 percent while the CGI apes of Rise of the Planet of the Apes was your runner up with 23.08 percent.

I Say: I completely agree with you on this part. The details in the robot transformations is pretty awesome, adding to that the stuff that the robots were able to do in this movie. The fluidity in the graphics were so excellent that the robots were moving like humans and performing stunts like real people. Very cool.

Fight Sequences: 

You Say: Ethan Hunt managed to wow most of you into putting him on the top spot of this category as well with 45.45 percent of the votes. I can’t blame you because most of the action scenes in this movie were off the hook. Immortals and Hanna took runner up positions.

I Say: While Ghost Protocol was most definitely action-packed, I would have to choose Immortals over it because of the originality in stunt sequences that it managed to portray by incorporating a variety of fighting disciplines. That, combined with great editing and special effects added to the impact of the sequences.

Best Editing: 

You Say: Editing is a major component of presenting movie magic. Transformers and Pirates of the Carribbean are two franchises that have successfully done it. They are tied for first place with 33.33  percent apiece while Theseus trails at 22.2 percent for the Immortals.

I Say: You’ve done it again. I echo your sentiments entirely in awarding these two movies top honors for editing, and coming out with a total output that makes its mark on the audiences. Excellent job.

So, that concludes our 2011 list of best movies. Thank you all for voting in the poll, and here’s to looking forward to more excellent movies in 2012! Cheers!