101 ways to leave a game show: A premiere review

I’m only writing this entry because I really think this show is so cool. If you think Fear Factor has a cool concept (despite being gross), multiply that by 10 and you get this crazy game show that escorts losing contestants out of the show by way of 101 dangerous stunts. Developed by the creators of Wipeout, the winner gets $50,000 and losers get a rush from the creative and wacky exits the show’s team has cooked up for them ranging from car explosions, drops from moving vehicles, ejections by jet pack and plane rides outside of the planes.

EXIT BY JETPACK. How cool is it to leave a game show by getting shot off a jetpack, just like in the movies? The contestant doesn't seem to think so.

In the preliminary round of the show, the contestants are asked a uniform question which they will all answer, closest answer to the correct one gets first pick from the multiple choice entries for the actual question. The contestant who gets stuck with the wrong answer gets booted off the show in style (with his life in peril). Second round is pretty much the same until only four contestants remain to battle it out for the cash prize. The US version is hosted by Jeff Sutphen whose ad libs are off the hook.

The reason why I totally love this show is because I too, am an adrenaline junkie. Anyone who knows me would likely say that I would probably get more of a kick out of getting the wrong answer if only to experience the cool exit (despite the danger). I love how the contestants cry for dear life and panic at the thought of getting ejected but for me, its all great entertainment. I mean, at the end of the day, how often can one person experience the same things they did on the show, right?

This show rocks! Its totally over the top but in a good way. I wouldn’t change a thing.