My mom’s coffee (aka An open letter to my mom)

Dear Mom,

I know you don’t really read my blog that much because you don’t know how to use the internet, but I think that you already know much of what I’m about to say.

Thank you mom, because every morning, even after you get home late from work, you get up early to prepare my baon, because you worry that I might get sick from eating burned food if you leave the cooking to me. You make me coffee, the best blend in the world, every day even now that I am full grown because you don’t want me to go to work like a zombie.

You work six days a week but on your days off, you hardly rest. You want to do the laundry even when we tell you we will do it. You cook, you clean, you do everything so we can take a break from a busy week (as if you haven’t had it tough yourself).

You are stubborn and you want to do things your own way, you nag and you’re strict but not stubborn enough not to keep an open mind, not naggy enough that we refuse to listen, and not strict enough to be uncompromising.

Mom, you have been through a lot. You have sacrificed most of your life to make sure that our needs are met. While we have had to endure a lot at an early age, when most of our friends were just goofing off, we did not feel resentment or deprivation because we know that you were facing a more difficult ordeal in raising us. Through this all, you never complained. You just did what needed to be done so we could move forward as a family. Your strength is phenomenal.

While we were growing up, you have not coddled us from reality and instead showed us how to deal with troubles, how to roll with the punches — how to be humble yet resilient in the face of adversity and how to be resourceful when need be. You have taught us by example how to become independent and how to survive, and we were partners through it all. And because of this, we had a head start in life, learning of the secrets to success long before others have realized what they were.

Mom, our relationship is far from perfect and I for one, am far from being the best daughter. I am sometimes stubborn like you and refuse to listen to your advice, but after the requisite I told you sos, I know that you always have my back, ready to give me moral support and guidance so I may get out of any scrape in one piece, ready to face the next one.  You love me in spite of my failings and you never tire of holding out your hand to me, and because you are with me, I know that I will be able to accomplish anything.

CIRCA 1983. My mom (center), myself (left) and my little brother, who’s not so little anymore.

Mom, as times passes, I know there will be less time to spend together, with work, friends and other things that occupy our time, but the best part of the day for me is each morning, when we drink coffee together, talking about how our days went, the people that we met, what made us happy or who made us angry. We bond, we gossip, we share our thoughts and feelings and we take time to become part of each other’s lives.

Mom, know that you’re my best friend and God’s greatest blessing. I may not tell you as often as I should how much I love you but I hope through my actions, I am getting the message through. For the record, if I were to save anyone from a sinking ship, it would be you. If I were to choose anyone to spend all my days on a deserted island, I would pick you (yes, even over Johnny Depp), if I were to give my life in a blink of an eye for any reason at all, it would be for you.

Sometimes, words fail me but know that this is true, for everything you do, and for everything that you are, I count myself the luckiest person in the world for having a mother such as you.  Thank you mom, for being. Thank you for loving me, for your patience, for loving my dozen cats (despite your constant protests),  for your support, your presence, for teaching me how to sink and swim with the best of them, for being my girlfriend, my travelling buddy, my confidante, adviser and everything all rolled into one. I expose my cheesy side in the name of you.

Most of all mom, thank you for your coffee, my day is not complete without it and I know that without having to say the words everyday, it is your way of saying that I will always be your baby and that you love me very much. I, for one, am here to say that no matter how old I get, I will never get tired of being your daughter — even when the time comes that you find it difficult to walk, or become forgetful, when you repeat your words constantly. I promise to be here to hold your hand and stay beside you. We will get through everything together, as we always do.

I love you mom, Happy Mothers’ Day!


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