Goofing Off, Having Fun: Seriland

Last weekend, my buddy and I used the discounted tickets that I got months ago from an online shopping site and went to Seriland, located in the Manila Ocean Park building on the second floor. The park has three major features — The Trick Art Museum, the Mirror Maze and the 3D theater. The Museum is a collection of artworks that are made to seem 3 dimensional rather than flat 2D. One could take wacky pictures and copy suggested poses on the framed pictures next to the artwork. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day.

I SEE YOU(r underpants)
STUBBORN AS AN OX. Or in this case, a carabao, who stares cluelessly at you while I try to fake drag him away.
YIKES. The right angle gives an illusion that this painting (on the floor) is actually a waterfall behind the cliff I’m kneeling on.
OW! I fake get hit by a watermelon that fell off the frame.
SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND. Cool huh? This little dog that I’m petting is actually painted on a floor.

Moving on, here are some pictures that the ushers took of us while inside The Mirror Maze, where the real challenge is getting out amid a sea of mirrors. Believe me, I had loads of fun trying to figure out the real hallways from the fake ones. I even fell for some of them. We had to wear gloves so as not to mar the mirrors with fingerprints, and we had to walk with our hands in front of us to avoid accidents. Its been known to happen that some guests bump into mirrors if they are not careful. The attendants at the attraction are very mindful of guests’ safety. They are also accommodating of photo requests. They even volunteer to do it for you.

MULTIPLES OF ME. The adjacent mirrors help create the illusion of  multiple versions of me.
BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. My buddy and I are strategically photographed in front of two mirrors.
MANY ME. So this is what Michael Keaton felt in the movie Multiplicity. Unfortunately, my clones can’t do any chores for me.

We also took in two 3D movies with one hour intervals. Each movie is 15-20 minutes long so kids will surely enjoy it. We caught Sonic Night of the Werewolf with a smaller group and Rilly’s Sky Adventure with a bigger one. It’s actually more fun to go with a larger group of people, especially with kids. It heightens the enjoyment more to listen to and see their reaction to the movies.

I had a great time checking out these three attractions. And I’m already an adult. I would surely recommend this to parents who want to do something fun and different with their kids. By the way, there’s also a play area for children in Seriland. Depending on the package, tickets may or may not cover this. Check out their facebook page for more details and current promotions.

Tip: If you’re going on a weekend, go early as field trips tend to be scheduled on these dates. The crowds will surely cramp your style when taking a bunch of photos. Plus, the Mirror Maze can also accommodate a certain number of people at a time, so numbers are given out and called after the previous group finds their way out