Mission 2013: 52 books, 52 movies

I’ve realized in the past year, considering the amount of books left on my TBR pile that I’ve kind of fallen behind on my reading. And considering the amount of movies on my TBW files, so have I lagged in the film viewing department.

So my mission for this year, is  to catch up on my reading by reading at least one book a week. As for movies, my target is to watch at least one movie (old or new). So far, I’ve been on target, I’m happy to report.

So just to keep track of things, I’m starting my list right here:


Week 1: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Week 2: Life of Pi 

Week 3: Beautiful Creatures 


Week 1: One More Try

Week 2: Haywire 

Week 3: Life of Pi

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