Despicable Me 2: Movie Review

Despicable_Me_2_movie poster australiaFollowing the success of the first Despicable Me movie by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment in 2010, Steve Carell returns to the big screen as the voice of Gru,  now a reformed villain and and father to three orphaned girls the eldest Margot (Miranda Cosgrove), the tomboyish Edith (Dana Gaier) and the adorable Agnes (Elsie Fisher). When Gru is called upon by the Anti Villain League to nab the villain behind the hijacking of a laboratory working on a substance with the ability to turn normal creatures into violent, irrational and indestructibe monsters, he is paired with Lucy (Kristen Wiig, who voiced the character of Mrs. Hattie in DM1), a skilled rookie agent who has a soft spot for the bald anti-hero.

The first movie was already very good, but I should say that the second one is even better. And the reason? Minions. And this was a brilliant move on the part of the studio and the team working on the sequel. What they did was create a whole story around the strongest characters of the original movie (sorry Gru) and create skit after skit of antics revolving around yellow overall-clad cuties. The result — hilarity and entertainment good enough for three comedy flicks combined. Even the marketing centered around the minions, properly getting the fans excited about the sequel. There was no doubt when audiences entered the cinemas that they expected a a lot of minions, and they were not disappointed.

Minions-Despicable-Me-2-Wide-HD-WallpapersDM 2 also employed an over the top approach incorporating classic cliches in the story. There was also loads of parodies scattered all over the movie (which worked out really well even for audiences without any idea about the references). It was like an extended animated version of an SNL episode, only more wholesome.

With comedy being the strong point of the movie, what I appreciated most was that the team  did not forget the core of it all, and the story still carries a strong message of love and family. Gru was absolutely great with the girls, and each scene evoked an awwww moment. It was also nice to see him awkwardly making his way through the dating scene. His scenes with the minions and Dr. Nefario (Russel Brand) were also priceless — which makes me realize just how great Steve Carell’s chemistry with his castmembers is.

All in all, , Despicable Me 2 is a movie that would have audiences grinning from the first minute until the last. It is oozing in cheesiness (and sentimentality)  but the sheer nerve of owning each over the top skit makes everything work. I can’t even remember the last time I laughed this much in a movie.