In defense of Miley: 5 reasons I still love Miley Cyrus

miley-cyrus-robin-thicke-615x400Despite her most recent performance in the MTV Video Music Award (VMA) which earned notoriety in cyberspace as one of the most racy performances on a live awards show, her seeming aversion to clothes, her outrageous comments in her live interviews about pot and her vague twitter posts about the the status of her realtionship with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, I am still a big fan of Miley Cyrus.

When celebrities like Miley act up, people always assume the worst because so many child stars have trodden the same road before. Whetever good things they accomplish suddenly vamish from people’s memories but that is just unfair. Just because a person changes the way she dresses doesn’t mean that she is not the same person. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions but judging a person for something they cannot completely understand is not right.  In Miley’s case, I believe that whetever she is trying to accomplish, Miley is a smart girl, and a businesswoman at heart. This is why I still love her and believe that the former Disney artist turned edgy sex kitten is attention seeking but not ‘desperate.’

The internet is already bombarded with reports of Miley’s wild child ways but there are still some things that I choose to focus on that deserves some credit.

MILEY WITH HER POOCHES. Miley hangs with two of her babies in her LA home.
MILEY WITH HER POOCHES. Miley hangs with two of her babies in her LA home.

5. Miley loves animals. As a fellow animal lover, I believe that compassion for animals in need is a great gauge of somebody’s character. And it’s not just a celebrity stunt, Miley actively campaigns for animal adoption and walks the talk as well. She has adopted several rescue dogs and gave them a home and a conducive environment in which they can live happily.

EQUAL LOVE. Miley supports gay rights with her equal sign tattoo.
EQUAL LOVE. Miley supports gay rights with her equal sign tattoo.

4. Miley supports gay rights. Everybody deserves to be happy, and Miley believes that even the LGBT community deserves the same privileges granted straight people. She got an equal sign tattooed on her finger, despite negative comments from her more conservative fans, and explained that the tattoo symbolizes that all love is equal and that the idea of anybody not being able to be with the person they love most makes her “sick to her stomach.” She speaks her mind about her opinions, stands by them and does not let the negative feedback affect her individuality, and this is always a plus for anybody.

3. Miley is charitable. Since her Disney days, she has been active in charity work, something she continues until now. In 2012, she shared top honors with country darling Taylor Swift as the “most charitable celebrities” by after she campaigned for animal rescue and adoption, partnered with TOM’S One Day Without Shoes challenge and also helped the Save The Music Foundation, the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She ia also known as an advocate for the battle against cancer and this year, she posed nude for Marc Jacobs for the benefit of NYU Cancer Institute and NYU Langone Medical Center. While many have speculated the reasons behind the nude pictorial, at the end of the day, it’s still for charity.

2. She has not been arrested for anything. On this front, I hope Miley will not change. I am glad that despite all the controversies, Miley still manages to keep her nose clean enough so as not to merit any arrest from excessive alcohol drinking or barfights.

1. She works hard. Say what you will, but Miley is one harworking celebrity. While I will not consider her a great actress (she is a natural as Hannah Montana) in her other roles, she does try her best. When working on her album and promoting her singles, she is one busy lady. The twerking incident at the VMAs was cringeworthy for the most part but it did bring in the ratings, and she did get people talking on the social media. But her singles are selling all over the world even before her actual Bangerz album comes out in October and that is a genius stroke of marketing, I, for one, think that Wrecking Ball is a great song, even without the publicity but her antics have certainly piqued my curiosity even before I took a listen.

In my opinion, people can razz on Miley all they want, but as long as she keeps a level head on her shoulders and knows her limits, I think that her talent and good work ethic will keep bringing in more work and accolades for her in the future. She is no longer Hannah Montana but I guess that we all need to move on from this image of Miley because she needs to grow into her person and she deserves the space for that. I do not claim to be a Miley expert and I’m just saying this to be fair.