Remember Sunday: TV Movie Review

remember-sunday-poster012When a TV movie puts together two likeable actors, say for example — Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) and Zachary Levi (Chuck), people automatically assume that they’re in for a fun ride. Bledel is cute and adorable while Levi is charming in his goofy sort of way. When  the Hallmark Channel announced that these two were going to star in Remember Sunday, a love story about  brilliant physicist Gus Gillenwater (Levi) who suffers a brain injury that erases his short term memory a la Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates — and Molly (Bledel), a waitress who is struggling to stay afloat while juggling her student loans and dealing with douchebag boyfriends who always let her down. When their paths collide, the attraction is undeniable but what happens when Gus is bound to forget all that they shared by the following morning?

I couldn’t quite put a finger on it but I didn’t think Remember Sunday really lived up to the Hallmark standard. Sure, it had a lot of sweet moments but I didn’t think that the lead stars’ individual likeability quite translated to genuine chemistry. It also didn’t help that the characters that they both portrayed seemed quite shallow. Molly, who was supposed to be a strong independent woman who was only suffering setbacks seemed all too willing to accept doleouts from her friend and employer didn’t make me a fan of the character, nor did her scatterbrained ways that should have come across as adorable but actually did not. How many times does it really take for a person not to park in a no parking space, or for that matter pay her parking tickets to avoid getting towed? Gus, on the other hand seemed to have one expression stuck on his face for the entire movie. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Yes, I understand that he is for the most part, confused about the goings on in his life but there is no law that prohibits him from  switching up his expression. He looked panicked and thoroughly uncomfortable, even in the scenes when he should have been besotted with Molly.

NO CHEMISTRY. The problem with these two stars was that there was just no spark.
NO CHEMISTRY. The problem with these two stars was that there was just no spark.

The story development also didn’t seem too realistic so I wasn’t completely on board where it was going for the most part. I know I should feel sympathetic to people who suffer the same disability as Gus but actually, his character did not help people to have awareness of his illness. Not at all.

All in all, I thought that Remember Sunday could have worked out so much better if the filmmakers had only added a bit more depth to the story rather than opted to deliver the generic romcom fare that they thought the audiences wanted. There was poor pacing and slow development that in the end, left me wondering where it actually went wrong. At the end of the day, despite its best efforts, I thought it was a bust.