The rise of the #superselfie


There are selfies. And there are super selfies.

Even before Oxford Dictionary declared selfie as the word of the year, Filipino celebrity Gabriel “Gab” Valenciano has been setting the youtube world on fire with his series of “super selfie” videos featuring himself in various ridiculous costumes, performing dance routines that are equal parts hilarious and amazingly skillful.

If this is your first time to hear the name, Gab is the son of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano, the Philippines’ version of Michael Jackson, who, at the age of 49, still manages to put dancers half his age to shame on stage. Apparently, Gab is the spawn who inherited the dancing gene, and his siblings Paolo and Kiana got the singing gene.

I only saw the videos today and I was not surprised that they went viral as fast as they did (Gab’s video featuring his dad has now over 1 million views. It was even picked up as a feature by Good Morning America). Gab, who also edits his own video posts, is really fun to watch because mainly of his lack of inhibition and his great sense of humor, truly an infectious combination that reaches out to youtube viewers. Not to mention that fact that he ropes most of his family members and friends into performing crazy antics with the same level of commitment he has, its really just entertaining. I, for one, appreciate even the short clips because they manage to somehow tell a story.

There have been a lot of viral videos that become a fad and fade away after a while, but I think that Gab has a couple more antics he needs to share with his youtube fans. I think what makes these videos really striking is the obvious amount of creativity and energy that goes into each clip from the choreography, to the editing to the sound. While the steps seem fairly simple, they are very hard to execute in such tempo and doing it in synchronicity is no mean feat. While there are surely those who would try to replicate this fad, they would be hard pressed to come up with the same results. So, to Gab, great job! I admire your artistry and I am now a fan. Check them out on youtube to see what I mean.