Brain Games: Show Review

Jason Silva headshot - BrainGames_FSG from NGC (2)
So get this, I was happily channel surfing last night when I stumbled upon this show on National Geographic called Brain Games. The show is actually premised on engaging viewers into a series of activities that will boost their brain power, of course, while explaining how the brain works in the first place.

I actually liked the show mainly because it was not only informative, but very fun. The idea itself of challenging one’s brain into performing better by activating mental shortcuts and understanding how one’s brain processes information is pretty interesting. When the show puts it to the test, one can’t help but give the challenges a try. And when the show tries to play tricks on the viewers’ brains and it works, its also awesome and causes a HOW DID THAT HAPPEN type of reaction. When I looked into the show this morning, I was surprised that the first episode aired in 2011, so it wasn’t a new show at all. Hmmm, where have I been all this time?

Brain Games is great for kids but even adults would be amazed by the stuff they would learn from this show. Jason Silva is a great host because he has a very casual way of explaining complicated concepts to the viewers thus making learning a more interactive experience. But basically, the show itself is great. It’s like Dora for adults because after a question, the show gives viewers time to try out the challenges for themselves, making them part of the program.

Its crazy how easily the show hits the mark on how people respond to situations by breaking down their response using science.

All in all, I’ve instantly become a fan of this show. I don’t know if the show has been using my brain to manipulate my reaction to it, but I don’t really care. Its a fun and educational watch. A great way to spend 30 minutes. 😀 If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out these awesome sample games.