Delivery Man: Movie Review

220px-Delivery_Man_PosterYears after he made over 600 donations to a sperm bank under the name of Starbuck, David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn), a directionless delivery guy for his family’s meat shop, finds out that has fathered of 533 kids and that 142 of his children are actively looking for him and forcing the lab to disclose his identity through a class suit. As if his life wasn’t complicated enough, he learns that his girlfriend (Cobie Smulders) is actually pregnant with his kid and would not have him in their life unless he cleans up his act. Challenged by her conviction, he blindly opens the envelope containing his children’s identities and seeks them out one by one to help them out in their time of need.

I was surprised to learn that this Vince Vaughn starrer was actually a remake of the French-Canadian film Starbuck (which is the name of a Canadian bull who sired 533 calves thus the name Star-buck). But at the same time, I also did not think it was uncharacteristic for this comedian to take on a project like this one. True, the premise is way out there but the reason why its so unbelievable is actually the reason why the film was so incredible.

The film’s strength actually lies with the fact that filmmakers were not trying to convince audiences that something as ridiculous as this would happen in real life but rather focused on the small details of David’s journey — his relationship with his own family, his brothers and father, his girlfriend, with his best friend — and the relationship he built with his children. The effort that he took was endearing and touching and would move even the stoniest of hearts. What’s great about it was that Vince Vaughn portrayed David as a guy who always had his heart in the right place so there was no question in the audience’s mind what his motives were in pursuing his kids.

Admittedly, I was initially worried about how David would be able to attend to all of his kids in the space of 104 minutes but it all kind of worked out really well. Key characters were established, David’s backstory about why he had to donate his sperm so many times, where he spent the money, and even why people loved him so because despite his chaotic lifestyle. Even creepy Viggo did not seem so creepy after all that was said and done. But my favorite scenes definitely would have to be the ones with his son with mental disability. The way he embraced his son’s imperfection in the cloak of silence was one of the most moving parts of the movie and depicts one of the greatest displays of parenthood. 

I just want to say that this movie was all the better for the inclusion of Brett, played by Chris Pratt, as David’s best friend — an unlicensed lawyer who, for the most part is shown in a tattered robe and close to depression while taking care of his four kids, which was why it was understandable for him to advise David to run for the hills upon learning of his girlfriend’s pregnancy, more so when they learn than he has another 142 kids who want to know him. He was really funny and cute, especially in scenes when he was trying to corral his kids or debate with them. Despite his shortcomings and seeming lack of sympathy for Stabuck’s kids, audiences knew that he had no malice and was only trying to look out for his friend, and his loyalty was reflective of his David’s personality.

All in all, Delivery Man was a story about family, and finding family in the most unexpected places. Its not the type of movie that will leave audiences with an epiphany but its a tongue in cheek look at families, and how you don’t always get what you expect with them. It shows the upside and downsides of parenting, and the hurdles that some have to go through to become actual parents. Its the type of movie that you watch to feel good, get a few good laughs and know that at the end, there will be a happy ending — pretty much a good way to spend 104 minutes of your life on.