I’M IN! Star Movies Scare-a-thon

photo from Star Movies twitter page
photo from Star Movies twitter page

Ever since I read about the Butt Numb-a-thon event in Austin, Texas, it has become part of my bucket list to join such an event. Call me crazy but I really do think it would be totally to watch movies for hours on end surrounded by a bunch of other movie afficionados.

When Star Movies organized their Movie Marathon event several years back, I have constantly emailed entries but participants were chosen via electronic raffle, so my chances have always been slim.

This year, Star Movies opened the contest again but timed its event for Halloween, and the rules have grown stricter. Participants would be required to sit through hours of horror movies barred from stretching, texting, flinching, standing up or going for bathroom breaks. Pretty tough, huh? Still, I religiously viewed their shows and watched out for the popcorn tub icon which fleetingly appeared every once and a while. I sent my entries daily. My dedication paid off when I got this in my email.

SUCCESS! After years of trying and failing to make it to the shortlist of Star Movies Annual Movie Marathon, I finally received the coveted email that finally included me in this year’s Star Movies Scare-a-thon. Yay! PS. I have already confirmed. 

I’m so psyched. I’m actually not in it for the money (P150,000 for the grand winner) as I have no competitive bone in my body at all, but I’m totally excited for the experience. So far, the record for years past has been 16 hours. I’m thinking I’ll be happy to sit through five or six movies and push myself as I go along. All I know is that I’m going to enjoy every single second of it. What a great belated birthday gift for me. Wish me luck guys!