Best of BasLex: My 14 Favorite BasLex moments from Dream Dad

Note: The show aired its finale tonight. I’m still hoping that they would announce a Book 2 but for now, I’ve updated the list to add three more scenes.

So, if you’ve read this blog before, you may already have an idea of how much of a Dream Dad addict I am, so much so that #DreamDad and #BasLex or its variation #BasLex + Baby has taken over my twitter account. There’s just something about this feel good series that really connects me to my happy place, and I just love the overwhelming sense of good cheer I feel before, during and after I watch it. A perfect stressbuster. Related post: Yes, I’m a Dream Dad addict. Here’s Why  One of the main reasons I like this show so much is because of Zanjoe Marudo and Beauty Gonzales’s unexpected chemistry. This is the first time these two have been paired romantically on screen (Remember? Beauty played Zanjoe’s mother in the movie Bromance) and it was an experimental move on the part of ABS-CBN.. Somehow, it worked, despite this being Beauty’s first leading role in a primetime series. I fell in love with the characters of Baste and Alex the first time I saw them together, and even when the show was not yet pushing their tandem, there was a charm in their rapport and friendship from the onset. Now that their love story is being played up, and now that they are officially an item (on the show) I compiled 10 of my best BasLex moments, some of which were sweeter because they were underrated. Before anything else, credit to the owners of these clips.

14. Alex’s New Look:Now, this was really tough for Alex. Being Baste’s EA, she had to plan his wedding to Angel in record time and go the extra mile. She had to wear potential wedding dresses for Baste’s intended. This time though, she was able to show a different side to her usual conservative persona and even Baste seemed impressed.

13. Movie Date: In this scene, Baste is starting to develop feelings for Alex but he is still partially in denial. This happens shortly after the mesemerized scene (one of the cheesiest scenes on television, but I actually liked it) where he asks out Alex on a movie date in the guise of it being a group date with Make (whom he does not invite). This episode actually ended with Baste giving Alex a bunch of roses which he bought from a child vendor.

12. Karate Moves: Due to tiredness, Alex falls asleep in the hospital waiting for her dad to wake up from a fainting episode. Baste tries to remove her glasses but she suddenly breaks into a karate move. The cuteness continues when Alex refuses to get closer to Baste fearing he might smell her morning breath.

11. Good Job, Baby (0:30 mark): This compilation is kind of cool because it highlights most of the BasLex moments in the team building activity Baste devised to spend more time with Alex outside of the office. My favorite however, was Baby’s enthusiasm in saying that she wanted Alex to be her mom. Such gusto for such a cute kid. The way Baste gives his approval is unexpected but totally adorbs!

10. Pa Fall Ka E: Alex is still hurting over Baste’s statement to Paul urging him to court her. Baste confronts her about her aloofness and she is forced into admitting that she was beginning to hope for something more to develop in their relationship. Baste finally acknowledges that he likes Alex and expressed his intention to compete with Paul for Alex’s affections.

9.Jacket o Yakap: In one of the most pivotal BasLex scenes, Alex tries to distract Baste from his sorrow in losing Baby to the DSWD by asking him out. They begin to talk and joke around like friends and Baste finally opens up to Alex about his real feelings about losing Baby.

8.Pag Wait, Wait (0:27 mark): In this scene, Baste and Alex have a heart to heart after their misunderstanding about their actual relationship status. This is one of my favorites because despite the fact that audiences know how in love Alex is with Baste, she is not rushing into the relationship and is asking him to wait until she is sure she is ready to make the commitment. Baste’s response is precious, as per usual.

7. Ferris Wheel: How could this not be one of my favorite scenes? This is the moment BasLex becomes official. Nuff said.

6. Trial Custody: Baste tries to establish his history with Alex by giving her a mug with the number of employees that she texted him when she was trying to get him to come back to ENS to become the company’s president. He then receives a phone call from the DSWD telling him that Baby will return to the Javier household. BasLex shares three hugs in the space of these few minutes and it was a joy to watch.

5. Reassurance: I must admit that I was one of the fans whose blood boiled when Alex was temporarily displaced by Bebeth in Baby’s life. I felt Bebeth was overbearing and insensitive to the plight of Alex, who was trying to embrace Baby as a daughter It broke my heart to see Alex suffer and Baste’s words of comfort and reassurance were the right approach to a very sensitive issue. It was good that he finally acknowledged the problem himself because he too, was partly responsible  for Alex’s situation.

4. Accidental Kiss: Baby causes some mischief on Alex’s birthday as she inadvertedly sparks the first kiss of BasLex as an official couple.

3. Proposal: How sweet is this scene? It justifies why Baste was always taking pictures on his cellphone from the very beginning and its cool to see that he’s been very attentive of all the little things that Alex has been doing for him and Baby. And to propose in the place where they had their first date? The only thing I would have wanted was for him to approach Alex’s brothers for her hand like he did with Tay Enrique. Again, who does this? A totally swoon worthy proposal.

2. Baby’s Proposal/ BasLex kiss: The charm level of this scene is off the charts. Its just so sincere and touching and beautiful in its simplicity that its perfect. The kiss was a nice touch for BasLex fans too. (video link to follow)

1. Simple Gift: While this scene happened way before BasLex was being promoted, I feel like this is a poignant moment in Baste and Alex’s love story because they were friends first before becoming lovers. Alex never left Baste’s side in all of his challenges, work related or personal and this was proof of her devotion to Baste. Its good that now, he feels the same way.

Some of my runners up were when Baste gave Alex new glasses, the menudo lunch and Baste being jealous about Paul in his basketball bonding with Make. Meanwhile, I also found this fanmade clip of the BasLex love story made by wukalyn. Kudos as it sums up the kilig moments from Day 1.
For fellow fans, happy shipping! To more kilig scenes to come.