The Rape of Winterfell: My thoughts on Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken GoT S05E06

Game of Thrones Unbowed Unbent UnbrokenI’m quite puzzled why fans of Game of Thrones are up in arms against the show for implying (because the scene was not at all graphic) the rape of Sansa Stark in the hands of Ramsay Bolton, the despicable bastard of Roose Bolton. Yes, the same Roose Bolton who betrayed the Northerners at the Red Wedding.

Actually, the approach to the scene was quite good. The team didn’t employ an in your face approach  but rather made it subtle, focusing instead on Theon’s reaction to underscore just how disturbing Ramsay’s attack against his new bride was.

Fans have used social media to sound off about their dismay  about this development. Many have even threatened to be done with the show because of what happened to “Poor Sansa.”

But on the other hand, one has got to think — why would they be shocked that Ramsay Bolton, who has never once committed one act of kindness to any single character — the same Ramsay who took great pains torturing and killing the innocents, the same Ramsay Bolton who killed off his lovers and made sports out of them for being “boring” — would commit such a sadistic act against Sansa Stark, a lady of noble lineage, that considering a different circumstance, one who is way beyond his reach?

On the one hand, I do get what the fuss is about. Rape is a sensitive subject and one that should not be taken lightly. But given the context of the show… considering the depth of the source material, I don’t think that it was shocking at all. It was bound to happen because that’s the type of books The Song of Ice and Fire Series is.

Rather than look at this as a tragedy or a setback, I actually think this is a positive step for the series. Now, Sansa will be more motivated to exact her revenge, and I can’t wait to see the Boltons suffer under her hands. One thing fans have to consider is that this is a show where women command dragons and conquer cities. This is a show where women fight just as good as the men (although the Sand Snakes kind of underwhelmed me this time). This is a show where women scheme and manipulate and become queens. This is a show where women shun everything to avenge their loved ones.

Valar Morghulis. And the Stark girls have every intention to make good on this promise. Just stick around and wait.