Mad Max Fury Road: Movie Review

mad-max-fury-road-movie-posterMuch like Mad Max:Fury Road did not beat around the bush in delivering heart pounding, nerve wracking high powered entertainment, I too will not beat around the bush in delivering my verdict. I loved it from start to finish. It was awesome, just as a big budget blockbuster movie should be. Its such a high that I still feel like I want to fist bump somebody, yell and scream until I’m hoarse and just rock out with that crazy dude playing a flame throwing guitar in the middle of a road war. Yup, its that good.

Max (Tom Hardy)  is a drifter dealing with his own personal issues when he was taken captive by War Boys to serve as a universal blood donor for their injured comrades. In a post apocalyptic world ruled by a tyrant called Immortan Joe who holds control over most of the resource left in the wastelands, one of Immortan Joe’s lieutenants, Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) betrays him and smuggles out his wives, his only hope of breeding healthy sons, to take them to the “green place” where they could start life anew. When he finds out, he lets loose three war parties to pursue her including the War Boy Nux (Nicholas Hoult) an Immortan Joe superfan who happens to be attached to Max for a refill.

Mad Max: Fury Road was advertised as a non stop action movie and it delivered on all counts. While other movies would choose the first few minutes to take a breather and establish the environment, the characters, and the plot (which in most cases is generally a good idea), this movie wasted no time in revving up the action and using these sequences to communicate the violence and desolation of survivors who are dependent on one leader to provide their needs to survive. Women are treated like cattle for breeding and providing milk; water is distributed at the discretion of Immortan Joe and used as a tool to gain the people’s favor while impoverished survivors are brainwashed into complete and utter dependence and reverence for an evil leader.

Tom Hardy was a perfect fit to play the reboted Max. He looks tough and he has that gravelly voice that tells the audience that he means business. Charlize Theron as Furiosa was great. Even though the character was missing one arm, it didn’t even compute as a deficiency because she was just totally badass, and beautiful too. Charlize Theron truly is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses, even despite the grime and the grease that was a permanent fixture on her face the entire movie. She and Tom had great chemistry and I won’t lie. There was a part of me that was shipping Furax/Maxiosa. As for Nicholas Hoult’s Nux, even when he was acting crazy, there was this boyish earnestness in his character that was just so charming, that despite supposedly being out of place in a gritty action movie like Mad Max, still felt natural.

SETTING A NEW THRESHOLD FOR COOLNESS. Here’s a meme to illustrate my point. A guy playing a flamethrower guitar in the middle of a battle. (credit to owner)

There were a lot of cool elements in this film. I loved the design of the vehicles as well as weapons used in this movie. Most especially, I loved that the war party brought their own mobile concert as they pursued Furiosa’s rig. What a way to pump up an already trigger happy group of war boys. The road scenes were to die for. Think Fast and Furious in the Desert amped up with 10 times the crashing, injuries and deaths. It was awesome — a thrill a minute. And amid all these was a great attention to detail and cinematography. The tight shots and long shots — the framing was just genius considering the speed and amount of stunts and sequences happening simultaneously.

All in all, I would have liked to learn more about Max’s life pre apocalypse life and what made him a tad insane just to make sense of his motivations but other than that, kudos to writer/director George Miller (who also directed the original Mad Max movies) for this well executed, exciting and super entertaining flick. It truly set the bar high not just for the future of the franchise but other films in this genre as well. As for the ending, it might be considered bittersweet but I have high hopes for the sequel — Mad Max: The Wasteland, which has already been greenlit by the studio. I can’t wait for it to come out. What a rush.