Everyday I Love You: Movie Review

LOOK-Everyday-I-Love-You-poster-is-already-out-460x280One of ABS-CBN and Star Cinema’s most bankable love teams —  Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil returns to the big screen for their second movie this year following the success of their highly successful soap Forevermore early in 2015. This time, the tandem pushed their acting to a whole new level to deliver a love story filled with kilig, drama and an all around feeling of happiness that will leave audiences with smiles on their faces.

Audrey (Liza Soberano)  is a small town girl from Bacolod who is waiting for her boyfriend and her first love, Tristan (Gerald Anderson) to come out of a coma. Ethan (Enrique Gil) is a driven show producer from Manila who gets assigned to Bacolod to set up a low budget show that will rate as a condition for getting a promotion when he returns to the network’s home base. The two immediately spark an instant connection during their first meeting but not necessarily the good kind. Pretty soon, Audrey finds herself stuck working with Ethan in order to support Tristan’s medical needs to keep him alive.

The premise of the movie is whether Audrey will choose the man of her dreams (Tristan) whom she has loved since she was young, or the man who makes her dreams come true (Ethan) who crashes into her life and pushes her to find her happiness.

Well, for regular folks, the choice should be hard but Everyday I Love You manages to make the choice easy, not casting anyone to be the villain of the piece but really just establishing which team to ship. I doubt if any of the audience failed to get get the memo.

I must admit that at first, I had issues with Gerald Anderson being too old for Liza but the film actually manages to get the issue out of the way right from the onset. That was mainly the only thing that bothered me about the movie, and oh, the seemingly hassle free resolution of Ethan’s mommy issues once it was set to motion.

Still, the issues are pretty minor but the great thing about this movie directed by Mae Czarina Cruz-Alviar is that it manages to tap into the very strong chemistry of Lizquen to deliver the most fun, the most kilig and the most compelling performance from the two, whether it be in the lighter scenes which these two have mastered from the early days of their soap, and the drama, where the script and the dialogue are so well written and delivered that one can’t help but be moved by the scenes.

Their first movie Just the Way You Are, being a Wattpad adaptation was much lighter but this movie was definitely ore of a challenge for these two. Lizquen is the real deal. They are more than just pretty faces. They have genuine talent. This proved that they are ready to push boundaries and deliver on the dramatics as well as the lighter materials.

All in all, I loved Everyday I Love You because I was hooked from the very first sequence until the last. I loved Audrey and Ethan from their first frame until the final scene. The filmmakers really did great on this one, from the direction, to the script, to the supporting cast, to the cinematography, everything worked well together. But mostly, the movie worked because of Lizquen. I know I shouldn’t focus too much on one aspect of the film but it was really this duo that made this film successful, first and foremost. Kudos to Liza and Quen. I’m hoping this will only herald more challenging materials to tackle and more love stories to bring to life. Everyday I Love You was an amazing experience.