OTWOL Finale Teaser: #KayaPaBa?

Photogrid by: OTWOLSTILLS IG

Team OTWOL (On the Wings of Love) released the final trailer for the last three weeks of the show and my heart just shattered into millions of tiny pieces.

After Teaser #1 showed the meeting of Clark (James Reid) and Leah (Nadine Lustre) at the corner of the hotel they originally met (obviously after a time jump) the second teaser revealed that Simon (Paulo Avelino) was with Leah in San Francisco.

The third teaser revisited the scene but added more scenes wherein Clark is seen having a talk with Leah on the bench near the Palace of Fine Arts, saying how he feels that accepting her proposal was the biggest mistake of his life (Ouch!). Another scene showed Simon having a talk with Leah about welcoming a chance to find true happiness and urging Leah to push through with the divorce (double ouch).

As soon as the teaser dropped, Twitterverse exploded with reactions from loyal OTWOLISTAs. Some were disappointed, some were excited, some were suffering from separation anxiety upon hearing the words Last 3 Weeks and Final Flight. There were even those who threatened to boycott the show because Clark and Leah will obviously break up. But I’m glad that most of the fans really support the show and express faith in the writers, directors and the crew as to how the story will end.

Personally, I am amazed at the discussions that are actually taking place about this show. Seriously. These are not just pa tweetums discussions about how cute a Cleah or Lemon pairing will be. These are actual discussions about what people would do if they were in Leah or Clark’s shoes.

Definitely, with the trajectory of the story, Leah’s character is drawing most of the flak because she is slowly coming into her own not just career-wise but as an individual. People feel like she is being selfish and insensitive to Clark because of this. But in real life, Leah should not be begrudged the opportunity to better herself as a person because before she is the wife of Clark, she is her own person. And in real life, you value your career as well because its what puts food on the table. And balancing professional and personal life is an art form, one which Leah has not quite mastered yet because she is a newbie in her trade she should be given allowances for that.

The same goes for Clark. He also needs to understand himself too. Because he has built his world around Leah and Leah’s needs, he has forgotten himself and used Leah as a gauge of his success as an individual, thus the insecurities and the feeling of ineptness. He should learn to effectively communicate his feelings and not engage in self loathing and self pity, which will cause him to implode if he is not careful. Come to think of it, Clark has never really had the chance to just sit back and appreciate his worth because he has always been working for the happiness of the people he loves. Clark needs to be happy with himself and love himself before he could find happiness with Leah.

Kudos to the writers for really digging deep and bringing forth these issues that actual young couples face. And while most teleseryes will shy away from introducing major conflict when the show is faring well on kilig and sweet moments, the team behind OTWOL was unafraid to shake things up, even a month before the finale. They laid down the groundwork in a steady and gradual progression that really helps the viewers understand the journey even more day by day and not in one fell swoop.

The story is actually a reflection on relationships and their imperfections and how love alone, no matter how strong, is not enough to make things work out if there is no maturity and understanding between the individuals involved. These recent weeks have highlighted how unprepared Leah and Clark are to take the next step in their relationship, something that they were blinded to at the beginning because of the challenges they faced and conquered. There really is a need for them to grow up and become whole, apart from each other, before they can be together fully.

There is really no doubt that they are destined to be together, but they have a lot of growing up to do, and a lot of heartache to go through to finally have a happy ending. I’m excited to see how it unfolds. I have no doubt that it will be one for the books.

That being said, here are my fearless forecasts for Cleah in SanFo (I could be wrong):

  • Something major and tragic will happen to Leah after her breakup with Clark. It could be Tatang or Nanang related. I don’t want to say it lest it comes true. (I love Tatang) and Simon will be her support system making her grow closer to him but she will still consider him as a friend.
  • Clark will eventually reconcile with his father and become successful in his craft
  • Simon will pursue Leah but Leah has not quite opened herself to a new relationship because her experience in love have all ended badly.
  • Because of the divorce, Clark and Leah would have to meet. This is just wishful thinking but I would want them to get snowed in at Lake Tahoe so that they can bond and reconcile with their feelings for each other.
  • or: A project will force them to work together thus unleashing pent up emotions of bitterness/love for each other.
  • Simon will eventually realizes that Leah will never love him the way she loves Clark so he comes clean to Clark that Leah never quite reciprocated his feelings and tell him about the heartbreak that she had to endure when they broke up.
  • When everything is out in the open, there will be a reconciliation and they will eventually get married.
  • Pampu/Mekeni’s story will be revealed and he will be set free during the wedding.