Why people love Nadine Lustre

BEST ADVICE. Find your own bliss and leave them to theirs.

I don’t usually post non reviews on this blog but this morning, I knew I just had to when I checked my Instagram to find tons of Jadine fans up in arms over an article posted on Preen Online entitled “How to be Nadine Lustre.”

From what I’ve read, the article basically assassinated Nadine’s character and summarized her whole mission in life to be bagging her hot partner in crime James Reid. Well, Preen already apologized and took down the article from its website so maybe I’m just crying over spilt milk here. Still, I just had to say my piece because the article (I won’t mention the name of the writer so as not to contribute to her infamy) was dripping with so much malice I’m truly surprised it was even approved for publication.

If I remember correctly one of the lessons I learned from my Media Ethics professor from many moons ago, the basis of libel charges is just that, proving that an article was carried out maliciously and with the intent to demolish or malign a certain person or entity. Also according to said professor, the only way to prove that there was no malice was if the article in question proved its objectivity by depicting balancing views. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and looked it over a second and a third time, but still with the same result. The article, while it tried a jab at satire lost track of its intent (whether intentionally or unintentionally) as it instead poked fun of its main subject by depicting all of her actions for the past two years as a ploy to land James.

While the writer obviously stalked Nadine’s Instagram account, for the past few months, each post was presented through the perspective of the writer, and since she obviously did not like Nadine at all, it made each of Nadine’s actions seem like a joke. The writer ridiculed Nadine’s morena complexion, endorsements, her ability to sing, dance and act, and quite simply made it seem like James’ affection for Nadine was nothing short of a miracle. Nowhere in the article did it say how Nadine was seen by her family, her friends, her co workers, and nowhere did it try to depict Nadine as a person worthy of respect. No wonder James directly addressed the issue to try to at least shield her from the hurtful words of the article, because make no mistake — each word was laced with poison.

So, in an effort to balance out what was missing in the article. Here’s Nadine as she is seen by people who do know her, who have worked with her, and those who genuinely love her. Just to be fair.

Here’s Myrtle, one of Nadine’s oldest friends since her cosplay days:

Happy Birthday to my dearest and closest friend, @nadzlustre. Our paths first crossed when we were just 14 because of cosplay and I’m really amazed to see where we are now. Nads, I’m really proud of you for all your achievements. Whenever people ask me about you, I would always tell them that you’re the most humble person I know… Not a lot of people know how truly amazing you are but if they only knew that you’re the kind of daughter who would sacrifice so much because you live and breathe for your family, I’m sure even more people would admire you. If only they knew that you’re the kind of friend that would call me despite your busy schedule because you know I’m heart broken, I’m sure they’d want to be your friend too. If only they knew that you’re the kind of person who smiles no matter what situation it is, I’m sure they’d love to be around you. If only they knew the things I know about you, I’m sure they’d love you as much as I love you… Kaya Nads… To my friend whose born on Halloween Eve… I just want to say Happy, Happy Birthday. Continue being an inspiration to many and you know, whenever you need a friend, I’m just a call away. 😁, October 30, 2015

Here’s one from spoken word poet Juan Miguel Severo, on his FIRST meeting with Nadine.

Here’s Yumi Lacsamana’s post from October, after she and Thyro surprised Nadine with a live performance during her small fans day event. Yes, Yumi is one half of Thyro and Yumi, writers of hits like No Erase, Bahala Na, Hanap Hanap, and Philpop grand winning songs Dati Rati and Triangulo.


She’s crazy, she’s witty and very appreciative! That’s why I love working with her. 🙂 Nadz, we will always be here to support you. You’re doing a great job! 🙂 And yes, yesterday was an impromptu performance! Maliit na bagay! Haha! #ForTheLove Oct. 10, 2015

From Naddicts, her supporters from the beginning of her career

What about Direk JDL who worked with Jadine and Paulo Avelino for the US shoot of On the Wings of Love?


New found respect for #nadinelustre as the Best Drone Operator. She should seriously be in the credits under Camera Drone shots courtesy of @nadzlustre #otwol #jadine #onthewingsoflove #otwolista

Nadine’s Tita Nona Clemente, everybody

Her mom, Mrs. Myraquel Lustre


How to be Nadine Lustre ? Be a reponsible and loving daughter. – Nuff said from Naddie’s mom

Should we even ask James?

“Hindi siya maarte. She is independent. She is hands on everything. “She does not rely so much on other people. She is strong. She knows how to take care of herself. “She carries her own taping chair. She drives herself to work. By this time, dapat she has her own team pero wala, she can handle herself and is very humble.” – James Reid

“She’s everything to me right now.” — James Reid on Nadine Lustre, OTWOL finale

But here’s the one tweet that really sums up this entire argument from book author Noreen Capili.

She hit the nail right on the head. We can’t be Nadine. But she shouldn’t be begrudged the happiness that she is reaping right now because she worked hard for her successful career. She found love because she deserves to love and be loved in return. She did not force James to love her, as the article implied.

Had the writer cared to do an impartial research, James himself admitted that falling for his Naddie was an unexpected development that he had only come to realize when he came close to losing his then on screen leading lady. When he did, he did it so completely that he wanted the world to know. And the writer shouldn’t judge James as well as being so fickle that he will jump at the first opportunity trade Nadine up for just anyone that comes along. Theirs is not a perfect relationship but it is definitely built on the solid foundation of friendship and trust — that much I believe even if I do not know them personally.

So the moral lesson of this story is don’t be embittered by other people’s joy. And if you’re ever giving advice, make sure your heart is in the right place. Don’t make the internet an avenue for hurling baseless accusations and rants just to make yourself feel better. At the end of the day, we should all be responsible for what we put out here in cyberspace.

In conclusion, for all you girls out there,  just be yourselves (not look for and be validated by a hot boyfriend) and you will be so much happier. Rather than be jealous of Nadine for ending up with her real life Prince Charming like what the article suggested, work towards your own happy ending. You have the power to do so.