Please stop killing direwolves!

direwolvesOkay, I’ve been watching Game of Thrones since its first season and I must say, that on all accounts, I should be used to the amount of betrayals and deaths that this show has churned out in the battles to seize the Iron Throne. I get it. I am hooked to show in spite of it and I commend HBO for doing justice to the epic book saga penned by George R.R. Martin.

Being an animal lover, I am drawn to the animals in this series, particularly the Stark children’s direwolves (one for each Stark) and Daenerys’ dragons. I worry about them constantly as they are placed in the frontlines of the war, an act they embrace wholeheartedly because of their love and loyalty to their masters.

greywindIt breaks my heart each time any one of these animals die, most likely the direwolves because they have done nothing but protect their masters since they were cubs. It is unfortunate that their deaths seem so swift and abrupt.

Because people care about them (myself in particular), each scene is heartbreaking. Lady died because of that idiot Joffrey, Grey Wind was slaughtered to humiliate the corpse of Robb Stark, who was poised to be the King of the North, ShaggyDog (although I’m still holding out hope that the Umbers killed a fake direwolf to betray Ramsay Bolton), and most recently in “The Door” episode, beloved Summer was killed as well by Whitewalkers who overpowered the poor beast. All that is left is Ghost, who belongs to Jon Snow and Nymeria, who remains missing in action since Season 1 when Arya set her free.

ghost-and-jon-game-of-thrones-ghost-37080265-2100-1181For the record, I knew what I was in for when I started following this show but I don’t think my heart can take anymore if Ghost dies, or unless there’s something special waiting on the other side for these loyal allies. I understand when people die in this show. They have a choice but these animals do not. They do what their hearts tell them but they are punished severely for this.

Please stop killing direwolves. Just. Please. Stop. Save Ghost. Please.

4 thoughts on “Please stop killing direwolves!

      1. Its best to assume they are all going to die.

        I think the last scene of the show will be daenerys walking up to the iron throne and then tripping on her dress and breaking her neck. Then it just cuts to the credits.

        Remember I called that!


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