Why I’m excited about Irish Dizon’s #TeamReal

philstarEver since I learned that there was going to be a JaDine book, I’ve been constantly monitoring for news about it, especially since I learned that Irish Dizon was going to write it.

From her first Jadine article that I read (she had me at Nadine Lustre is doing something mildly annoying…),I’ve been a fan of her work. She writes about a lot of celebrities but her Jadine pieces are my favorites since she manages to capture the essence of James and Nadine as real people with every piece. Heck, she manages to share more important things about James and Nadine one short feature than say, a full special on JaDine that runs for 20 pages because she care about what they want to say. She focuses on them as people and not just celebrities. She cares about the message and not just about filling the word count for the deadline. Its no wonder James and Nads are super comfortable working with her. She knows a lot about them but never sells them out.

I’ve been a fan James and Nadine for a while now, not just because of the kilig they bring but because they are genuinely admirable human beings who stay humble despite the fame, who remain close to their families and always make them their top priority, as artists who take pride in their craft (it would be easy to just coast along on the basis of their chemistry alone but no, they always strive to improve so that they can I’ve their best in every performance). These two have never claimed to be perfect but they embrace their imperfections and continue to take on the world by constantly being at their best. When Team Reel became Real, I was soooo happy and so were their legions of fans because they really do complement each other. They’s opposites but alike for all the right reasons. People pray for them (as individuals and as artists) and I think that its a whole different level for people to love you enough to include you in their prayers. That is love in the purest form and that’s why they continue to be blessed. Because they care about people as much as people care about them.

soldoutNow that the book has already sold out even before its out, I would like to share why I’m so excited about it (I haven’t been this excited about a book since the Harry Potter series) and share some lessons I learned along the way .

  1. I’m excited about #TeamReal because I would love to see how Irish managed to tell the untold story of James and Nadine, stripped down as artists and as individuals and now Team Real.
  2. I’m excited to see the pictures of James and Nadine’s travels and how Merlito put them all together, all by his lonesome. I follow him on Instagram and am a fan of his work. (I hear Nadine gave him 10,000 photos and he had to go through 70,000 photos + in total). Book 2 as a travelogue, please?
  3. I’m excited about the fatal OJD (Obsessive Jadine Disorder) that Irish planted in Chapter 8 that she promised fans way back when we were getting our fingers numb from voting for James on Nickelodeon’s Favorite Pinoy Personality and Nads for Myx. Don’t worry heneral, we’ll be finished reading the entire thing twice by the time we’re already in line to get them signed by you, Merlits, James and Nads
  4. I’m excited about the credits — what hidden talents does our girl Naddie have that we still do not know of (aside from singing, dancing, acting, editing, directing, photography, styling, designing)?
  5. I’m excited to know what’s changed, or has anything at all changed with #TeamReal now that they’re together? #kilig…
  6. I’m excited mainly for people to know and understand James and Nadine as individuals better. Basically, I’m looking at this book as an installment in a trilogy from the first two PhilStar Supreme articles. #love
  7. I’m excited to finally know, once and for all, what caused the LQ at the Wang Fam premiere. The way James’ nostrils were flaring, and the way Naddie was rapidly talking back at him like a baby armalite, I’m pretty sure the white dress was not the only issue.

Now, here’s what I learned about the struggles to get this book. (I’m not even sure my orders will arrive before I fly to see my cousin in the US who is incidentally a Jadine as well) Fingers crossed.

  1. Chill? What’s the word? Jadines know no chill. They are all on Beast Mode level 10 at all times when it comes to Jadine merch. I should be used to this by now but it always amazes me how very quick and resourceful the members of this fandom are.
  2. You snooze you lose. Sleep and rest are for the weak. Since the February 20 announcement, Jadines have sported the panda bear eyes with pride all around the world. As a matter of fact, five hours after National Bookstore released the link for pre order (I think this happened at nighttime while the world was sleeping), the first allotment sold out. They restocked, and sold out hours later. Restocked (I think this is when I finally got to place my order) and sold out again. I lost track of how many times this has happened. Because this never does. HISTORY WAS MADE AGAIN by a book with a two man team (plus some help) and the sheer will and devotion of an entire fandom.
  3. Fangirling is a team effort. Fangirling is not an endeavor to be done alone. You need the help of your squad to make sure you get this book to prepare you for Jadine Apocalypse. Without constant monitoring and coordination with your girls, matutulog ka sa pansitan. Promise. You need like minded people to help you get this book. No man is an island and all that shizzz. Seriously.

So, now, all that’s left is the waiting. Seriously. For #TeamReal, #thestruggleisreal. Can’t wait to see you guys on the book launch!