#BattleoftheBastards: Why I loved and hated Sansa

(photo: HBO) 

To say that the penultimate episode in Game of Thrones  Season 6 was a nailbiter would be an understatement. I was yelling for an entire hour — alternating between cheering and swearing, at one point, I even threw down the pillow I was holding so tightly to). The episode featured, not one but two major battles — Daenerys vs the Masters and the Starks vs the Northerners on Team Ramsay. While Daenerys pulled off an impressive showing, the Battle of the Bastards was the real highlight of the show. If you haven’t watched it, you will be spoiled from this point on. You have been warned.

So, in the past few weeks, Jon Snow and Sansa, with the aid of Ser Davos has been visiting the Northern houses, hoping that the Lords of the North will pledge their allegiance to the Starks and their bid to save their brother Rickon from the sadistic hands of the former bastard Ramsay Bolton. So, as Jon and his trusted men — Ser Davos and Tormund Giantsbane meet to plot their strategy to reclaim Winterfell, Sansa expresses outrage that she has not been consulted by her brother regarding his battle plans. She thinks they have too small of an army to defeat the Boltons and she thinks Rickon will be killed anyway because he is technically the legitimate heir to the seat of Winterfell. But Jon, being Jon, is all heart and wants to fight it out until the last man standing clinging to any small hope that he could save his little brother because that’s just the upstanding guy that he is. Those who watched the episode already know how that turned out.

(photo: HBO)

Here’s the thing, while I had an idea who Sansa was writing to in Episode 7 or 8 to seek aid for their army (many thought it was Blackfish), I was just pissed at the idea that she would choose to trust Littlefinger, the man who sold her out to Ramsay in the first place to advance his own strategy to gain power (I think Littlefinger’s plan was to marry Sansa off to Ramsay making her wardeness of the North, attack Ramsay and claim Sansa for his own thereby securing Winterfell for himself and getting Catelyn’s daughter as his bride, that’s just my theory) rather than opening up to her brother and giving him a heads up that help was coming before the bloody slaughter of his wildling army. That was cold, and spoke of disregard for the lives of the wildlings (and her brother) who were fighting a battle that she wanted.

Jon may be a bastard but he’s currently the most honorable person in Westeros right now. His battle strategies may need work because he gets too emotionally involved but the guy  is my absolute favorite person on this show because of his big heart and optimism. A constant underdog in the truest sense of the word. (My next favorite is Tyrion). Jon has been screwed over so many times and I don’t blame him for being somber and sad all the time. So much has been taken from him and yet his own family does this underhanded thing yet again. Not good Sansa. Not good.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate Sansa stepping up and gaining confidence about her own ability to save herself (girl power, yo!) and I especially liked that sadistic smirk at the end of the episode when Ramsay got the comeuppance he deserved but I also feel afraid for our dear Sansa because all of this bitterness could actually make her a Cersei. The downside? She doesn’t love anyone enough to balance out that hatred like Cersei has for her children simply because everyone she has ever loved deeply has been taken away from her.

My fearless forecast for the finale? Cersei blows up the High Septon with the wildfire planted underneath King’s Landing (which Tyrion casually mentioned in this episode), Jamie slaughters the Freys to take Riverrun, and a cliffhanger of the looming battle as Daenerys sets sail for King’s Landing and the Whitewalkers brace to breach the walls.

Its bound to be epic.

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