The Voice Season 11: The girls are killing it

voice-posterIts been a while since I’ve really followed NBC’s The Voice. The last season that I watched in full was Matt McAndrews’ season and while I have always appreciated the show, I’ve only been a casual viewer for the past few installments. That was until Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys signed up to be this season’s coaches.

I am a Smiler. People laugh at me when they learn this about me because I’m in my 30s but I just love her personality and sass. And Alicia Keys is the real deal, as a 15 time Grammy winner, songwriter and producer. They really bring something nice and fresh to the show.

I just finished the first two episodes last night and I just know that this season will be insane — #1 because of the amount of talents who have come to audition and #2: because these new coaches fit in so well with the vets Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

Whereas before, the banter between Adam and Blake was the main selling point of the coaches, now that Miley and Alicia have been thrown into the mix, its a free for all. Because Miley and Alicia are also genuine artists, they are also contenders in the four seat turns and its just fun to watch them go at it. I like how Miley sasses Adam and Blake without regard for their veteran status on the show. Its just such an easy banter that never seemed forced.

I sometimes feel bad for Adam, who is obviously one of the more competitive coaches in the show, when the three coaches gang up on him. I don’t feel so bad for Blake because he dishes it out just as well. But its all just good fun. Frustrating for Adam, but good television.

At the end of the day though, its obvious that they have mutual respect for each other as artists, regardless of age and genre despite the bickering. I loved their rendition of Dream On, where their voices blended perfectly and they worked together like the pros they are to deliver that awesome and explosive performance.

I just feel a lot of love for this show this season, and its just beginning. I’m excited to see how this competition progresses even more.