An ode to my good boy

IMG_20170430_203058_637I’ve never been good at poems. And it took me three days to come up with this, my heartfelt message to you, a dog unlike any other.

I write this so that I may never forget what a good dog you are, how loyal and how bright, and how you have always brought nothing but joy to my life.

Kleng, I will never forget how special you made me feel with each homecoming, wagging your tail and running to me even when I’m still a block away. Every one of our meetings could be treated like a montage in slow motion. You lick each and every part of me that you could reach — my hands, my arms, my ears, my face — we were always a comedic spectacle, you and I, but it was always something I looked forward to.  Please know that I always got a kick about how I was always bathed in saliva even before I reached our front door. It sounds gross, I know, but in truth, it was really sweet, and a highlight of my day.

Kleng, I will never forget how your loyalty compels you to follow me everywhere I go, to the point of even getting into the tricycle with me and refusing to leave no matter how much I ask you to get down, to the point that you would run behind our car just to catch up, just because you know I’m in it. Thank you for wanting to follow me even as I go to work, even if you almost made me late. You were funny and you were sweet. I want you to know that I would have taken you everywhere if I could.

Kleng, I will never forget our bondings, how you would act like a baby, only to me, how you would stick like glue, only to me. People always mistook me for your master but while I did not own you, please know that I was always your person.

Kleng, I will never forget how you guard our home, how you protect my family and those whom  I hold dearest to me. Thank you for accompanying us on our long walks. Thank you for keeping us safe. You were a very very good  boy, even if you peed in the neighbors’ garden.  Please know that we miss you everyday.

Kleng, you have been through a lot in this life, but your heart remained pure. While other dogs would have rebelled, you have remained faithful and steadfast. You have endured a lot but I was glad that before you left this world, you and I have become part of each other’s lives. Please know that you left this world as one who was well and truly loved.

Please know that even if you were never officially my dog, in my heart of hearts, I have always treated you as mine. Thank you for being my friend, and thank you for your unconditional love, thank you for being part of my family.

I love you, Kleng Kleng. Say hi to Tiny when you get up there, and hopefully, we will meet again someday.  Be happy, eat all you can, run all you want and rest in the company of God’s angels, my good boy.