The Babysitter: Movie Review

babysitter-posterWhile I was browsing the latest releases on Netflix and was mulling whether I should finally go ahead and buckle down for Stephen King’s “Gerard’s Game,” I chanced upon horror comedy “The Babysitter” and it seemed like a fun way to spend the better part of two hours. It turns out I made a really great choice.

Synopsis: “The Babysitter” revolves around 12-year-old Cole Johnson (Judah Lewis) who spends most of his time getting bullied or scaring himself about the littlest things. Aside from his one friend Emily (Emily Alyn Lind), he considers his hot babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving) as his only friend and confidante. Plus, he has a major crush on her. One day, Emily dares Cole to stay up past bedtime to find out what Bee does after hours when he falls asleep and what he discovers puts his life in grave danger.

Let me just say that “The Babysitter” was a refreshing change of pace to the current crop of horror movies like Annabel and other paranormal films. While those types of films have their charms, I much prefer fast-paced action and gore like “The Babysitter.”

It’s not perfect by a long shot, don’t get me wrong. The approach was pretty formulaic and so was the plot. It wasn’t original but it was very very entertaining. “The Babysitter” incorporated the strengths of 80s type horror movies to a modern day setting – the
styling, the soundtrack – and it was delivered in a tongue in cheek fashion and gloried in its own campiness.

It felt like a marriage of “Home Alone” and “You’re Next,” which are both amazing films in their own right. The main stars were not the biggest stars – Aussie actress Samara Weaving is a relative newcomer to the US film industry compared to Bella Thorne and Robie Amell, who took on supporting roles. But still, Weaving pulled off her role and came across as a tough, no mercy leader of a satanic cult. Her interactions with Judah Lewis were also very natural and believable. As for Judah Lewis, he held his own
in his first major role.

All in all, props to “Supernatural” and “Charlie’s Angels” director McG for coming through with a wild, fast-paced, gory horror comedy that’s perfect for the Halloween binge watch (and even beyond). “The Babysitter” was a worthy watch for horror and non-horror fans and I, for one, think that it has quickly become one of my favorites for the genre.