#Netflix Good Morning Call Season 2: Series Review

gmcOne of the Netflix Japanese series that I got really excited about was Good Morning Call. That’s why when the second season came out, I wasted no time to find out what happened to Nao and Uehara when they started to live separately.

Synopsis: After the events of Good Morning Call Season 1, Season 2 starts off with Uehara and Nao living next door to each other and off to start college in separate universities. Uehara immediately becomes a campus heartthrob while Nao worries that he will be overwhelmed by college girls’ attention. What’s more, Uehara’s new friend Natsume seems to be developing a crush on Nao too, even though she is oblivious to it.

Good Morning Call Season 2 features a lot of familiar elements from the first season and most of the same characters also appear in the college years like Daichi, Marina, Mitsuishi and Abe. Aside from the characters, the second season also features familiar problems that were not resolved fully in the first season.

Nao is still insecure about her status in Uehara’s life and feels like she only became his girlfriend because they were forced to live together. Uehara still finds it difficult to express himself although this time around, he has improved a bit when it comes to showing his jealousy. There are also plenty of scenes that establish how much he loves Nao in his talks with new character Saiko, but because of his immaturity, he never quite found the right way to tell her how much he cares.

Kids. Sheesh!

I love the character of Natsume and felt like he was this season’s Daichi. He loved Nao from afar and tried to protect her without wanting anything in return. He was fun loving and caring like Nao and he seemed to have a lot of layers that Uehara didn’t have because he was such a stoic. I love Natsume. And he genuinely was loyal to Uehara and understood Nao’s devotion to him, which was a plus on my book. There were actually times where I wanted to give Uehera a slap through the screen so he could take a hint and be nicer to Nao.

I like that Daichi found a new love interest in Nanase and his love story also played an integral part in the development of Uehara and Nao’s story. Nanase’s points of view often became the take-off point for Natsume’s positions as they became kindred spirits for unrequited love. I only wished that Natsume found a potential love interest by the end of the series but I was quite content about his reconciliation with Uehara in the end.

I also wished that Abe and Ota became an item in the series because these two were just super cute and had a lot in common.

On the technical aspect, there were some attempts for creative camera angles and framing, especially with the vacation episode where Uehara was confiding with Saiko the director was obviously trying to shift angles while doing a close-up but the Japanese still have a lot of catching up with the Koreans in terms of cinematography and framing. The attempt was nevertheless appreciated.

Good Morning Call Season 2 dealt with a lot of complications about distance and communication and basically, finding oneself despite being part of a relationship. Nao was able to consistently make me love her because of her pure heart and Uehara 2.0 was a lot more swoon worthy than his original version once he acknowledged how much she meant to him.

All in all, Good Morning Call Season 2, like the original season, felt very familiar, heartwarming, and overflowing with cuteness and feelings. I once said that the original season often made me cry happy tears and the same rang true with season 2. Plus, better clothes, styling and cinematography. I can’t wait for Season 3. Paging #Netflix! Don’t make me wait too long!