Netflix’s Set It Up: Movie Review

set-it-up-posterI’m a sucker for romantic comedies. That’s why I’ve become an instant fan of Netflix’s latest release, Set It Up from the first minute up to the last. The movie stars Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu who play two powerhouse workaholic bosses, but the real leads are actually Zoey Deutch (Before I Fall) and Glen Powell (The Expendables 3) who play their harassed assistants who eventually find love with each other.

Synopsis: Harper (Zoey Deutch) idolizes her sports reporter boss Kirsten (Lucy Liu) and does her every bidding as her assistant at her her sports site. Several floors up, Charlie (Glen Powell) is struggling to rise up the ranks and land a promotion, but in order to do so, he needs to work like a slave for his boss Rick (Taye Diggs) who holpromotion. As the two bump into each other while staying late for work, they hatch a plan to set up their bosses to earn their respective freedoms to have a life after work.

I really liked the premise of Set It Up because audiences pretty much know what will happen at the end. This way, the experience of watching the film is relaxed and viewers get to appreciate the execution more. I liked that the big stars take a back seat to shine the spotlight on the younger actors and don’t miss a beat when they’re portraying less than likeable characters.

It also helps that there is a good chemistry between Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell in this movie. Deutch reminds me of a younger version of Zooey Deschanel. She’s quirky but she doesn’t overdo it so she doesn’t become annoying in the process. She’s also very cute which makes watching her interesting. On the other hand, Glen’s portrayal of the ambitious and jaded Charlie was the perfect foil to Harper’s wide eyed innocence and enthusiasm. When they come together, its like a Hallmark movie, but less cheesy.

I also liked the supporting cast of characters — Charlie and Harper’s best friends Becca (Meredith Bagner) and Duncan (Pete Davidson) who are just so relatable as friends who won’t stand for bullshit. They’re the types of friends that we need in our lives. With the way Charlie and Harper are chasing their dreams, friends like those are rare and even more precious. One of my favorite lines in the movie actually came from Becca. We like because and we love despite. We like people because of their qualities but we love them despite the qualities that we don’t like. I had to write that one down because it was so poignant.

All in all, I loved Set It Up because it didn’t take itself too seriously. It set off to tell a simple story and focused on developing rootable characters that people can relate to, and it succeeded. It knew that it was borrowing plots from films like Parent Trap and it even gave a shoutout. Set It Up was funny and interesting and depicted the lives of the people who worked behind the rich and powerful. It showcased their struggles, frustrations and desperation but most importantly, the movie managed to make audiences fall in love within an hour and a half. Kudos to writer Katie Silberman and director Claire Scanlon. Catch Set It Up on Netflix when you can.