Deadpool 2: Movie Review

deadpool-2-posterWhen Deadpool 2 promised that it was going to deliver twice of everything that made the first movie good,  they weren’t kidding. The movie really didn’t hold anything back from the opening sequence until the last and its all thanks to the wisecracking motormouth that is Ryan Reynolds. Consider me one satisfied customer.

Synopsis: Tragedy strikes just as Wade (Ryan Reynolds) and Vanessa (Morena Bacarrin) plan the next chapter of their life that pits Deadpool before a mutant teenager who is being hunted down by Cable (Josh Brolin) , a man from the future who accuses said teenager of killing his family. While Wade tries to save the kid from Cable’s wrath, he forms a team of unlikely heroes that made up the X-Force.

Deadpool 2 was an entertaining movie from start to finish. Always ready with a wisecrack or two, Deadpool never runs out of lines, even during the direst situations. The action proceeds at lightning pace giving audiences very little time to process each mishap before the next one is served and this makes for a very fast paced and tiring installment to the franchise.

There were a lot clapbacks and references to other characters in the Marvel Universe , and even DC. Deadpool knows no boundaries. And each reference is sure to make comic book fans happy.

Josh Brolin is as great as Cable as he was as Thanos. Sure, he wasn’t as huge as the original version of Cable from the comic books but he brought the attitude and gelled well with Deadpool so it’s a passing mark for me. I also loved the badass Domino (Zazie Beetz). This girl is on fire, and added a lot of coolness to the movie.

On the contrary, Firefist (Julian Dennison) was a major character in the movie but unfortunately, I could not quite connect with the character, perhaps because I was too confused by his accent to pay attention to anything else. It seemed off somehow and it took down the rest of the performance.

Anyways, while  I appreciate a lot of stuff from the movie, I could not help but be disappointed that it seemed to take itself as one big running joke. I felt like because the movie wanted to provide fan service, the team simply stuck to the original formula and didn’t do anything to level up their game. It was cool that they were obviously setting up for the next movies in the franchise but there wasn’t any attempt to really sell Deadpool as a hero. True, he’s unconventional but even when he’s doing something heroic, he negates it with jokes and that’s too bad.

All in all Deadpool 2 was very consistent with the first movie, and was super entertaining with the script and the amazing action sequences. But it stopped short of being great when it refused to take itself seriously, even for a bit. And if you treat an entire movie as a joke, it gets monotonous after a while, and you lose sight of why you were rooting for it in the first place. Having said all that, Deadpool was still a solid addition to the franchise and managed to correct some booboos made by the Wolverine Origins movie in the post credits. Hopefully, next time, there would be a better balance of humor and seriousness to make Deadpool the compelling hero he is in the comic books.