Accidentally In Love: Chinese Drama Review

accidentally-in-love-backdropAccidentally in Love was a beautiful accident for me. I stumbled upon it after resolving to watch The Haunting of Hill House the first time and chickened out. (Don’t worry, I finished it in one sitting a week after) As a result, I managed to binge on the entire series for two days and I’m still watching my favorite scenes whenever I need some immediate good vibes. All I can say is that I can’t get over the cuteness of this drama. I’m still listening to its soundtrack three weeks after I’ve finished watching the show.

Synopsis: Chen Qing Qing (Sun Yi Ning) is the heiress to a multi billion Chinese conglomerate is set to be engaged to another wealthy heir. On her engagement date, she decides to defy her grandfather and fly to the university where her parents met in the hopes of knowing more about her father, whom her grandfather blames for the death of her mother. Before she could enroll in university, she meets rebellious pop star Si Tu Feng (Guo Fiction/ Guo Junchen) and their complicated lives become intertwined for good.

There’s nothing really unique about the concept of two rebellious teens coming together to defy their respective guardians or the fact that they start off hating each other’s guts before they realize that they actually like each other. But what I loved most about this drama was the strong chemistry between the two characters and their absolute cuteness.

While Si Tu Feng was originally portrayed as a selfish and uncaring idol, he had a vulnerable and innocent side to him that was obvious to Qing Qing. And Qing Qing, despite being penniless and out of her element after leaving home, really comes out as a strong female character who stands her ground and finds a way out of trouble without the need to be rescued by the male hero (although he does try).  I liked her confidence and her kindness , especially when she stands up for her friends when they get bullied. Her resourcefulness is also refreshing compared to other wealthy heiresses who find themselves faced with challenges in other dramas.

Si Tu Feng, on the other hand is so adorable, especially when he’s trying to be cool but is actually a dork. I love seeing him cross dress and do it so easily when it comes to Qing Qing. Who wouldn’t want to see him all dolled up when he is absolutely gorgeous as a woman? I am also a big fan of his loyalty to Qing Qing and how he is just okay with doing everything to win her (and her family’s) favor.

accidentally-in-love-trainingAnd Qing Qing is the same way too. She cheers him on and motivates him and helps him get through his emotional ordeals. And this is why they are an absolute perfect match.

Aside from these two rootable characters, the story was also about friendship and family. Its true that the Xin Ya arc just about had me wanting to pull my hair out and the arrival of Lanting set my blood to boil but they made it out of it with Qing Qing’s signature flair so I’m ready to forgive them for those two or three episodes. Throughout the series, I loved the support of the besties Gu Nan Xi (Ma Li) and Fang Fang (Zhuo Mo) so I’m happy they also had their own happy endings.

Oh, I love the songs in this drama as well. I’ve been searching for the pin yin lyrics for quite a while and decided that I would decipher it instead as I listened to the words one by one when I couldn’t get my hands on it. The message of the songs were also quite heartwarming too.

accidentally-in-love-kissAll in all, Accidentally in Love was light and very easy to digest. It delivered a lot of laughs, a lot of romance, absolute cuteness and great music — everything that a good romcom should be. Its the gift that keeps on giving because of its positive message. I hope Guo Junchen and Sun Yi Ning land more leading roles in the future after this series. They deserve it.