Sequels and Reboots this week at SM Cinemas

Prepare yourself for some major excitement this week as the much-awaited sequel to 2012’s hit animated movie Wreck It Ralph and yet another reboot of the Robin Hood franchise will be released in your favorite moviehouses on November 21.

Wreck It Ralph 2, also known as Ralph Breaks the Internet is set six years after the events of the original movie. This time around, the Sugar Rush comes unplugged and the steering wheel controller breaks, forcing the residents of Sugar Rush to evacuate to other games while Ralph and Vanellope figure out what to do to save their game. While looking for answers, the duo stumble upon a wifi router in Mr. Litwak’s garage and pretty soon, they find themselves transported into the world of the Internet. Will this new world help them save their home and their friends?

Meanwhile, in the latest iteration of the Robin Hood lore, Robin of Loxley, this time played by Kingsman’s Taron Egerton, joined by his mentor John/Yahya (Jamie Foxx) lead a revolt against corruption in England and go up against the evil of Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn). It’s the classic tale levelled up with a lot of battles, stunts, explosions and romance that you definitely should not miss.

Take your pick from these two adventures at SM Cinemas starting November 21.