Creeped Out: Series Review

creeped-outIf you’re a big fan of mild horror, you don’t have to think twice about streaming Creeped Out, a horror series produced by CBBC and DHX Media and aired over the Family Channel in the United Kingdom.

Its basically the equivalent of Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark in the US and revolves around a character called “The Curious,” a masked figure that collects eerie tales involving middle schoolers and high schoolers in various parts of the UK and Canada.

I’m only halfway through the first season of Creeped Out on Netflix but I think that it is quite an interesting series to watch because it is delivered in anthology style. Its also quite interesting that the episodes draw inspiration from current issues affecting teens today such as technology, social media, parental conflict, friendship and being different so its also like a milder version of Black Mirror, but watered down to appeal to a younger market.

The show really connects well because while it revolves around entirely fictional and mythical characters such as ghosts, monsters, creepy crawlies and even sirens, it touches base with the youth because they can relate to the general emotions that the series delivers such as not being accepted by their peers, wanting to get out of schoolwork, being bullied and wanting to escape their “boring” lives. It aims to teach lessons as it magnifies the traits of the characters to a level that gets them in trouble and seeks to show them the consequence of these characteristics. In the more extreme episodes, the consequences are irrevocable and shocking.

creeped-out-the-curiousIt does have that Twilight Zone feel with the introduction and conclusion of each episode delivered by The Curious and this mysterious character really brings out the heebie jeebies with his too calm delivery of his intro combined with his/her creepy whistle and ominous background music. Credit to series creators Robert Butler and Bede Blake for being hands on with the series. I noticed that the duo wrote almost all the episodes of the show with only two directors (Steve Hughes and Bruce McDonald) alternating in handling the installments to maintain the consistency and the feel of all the episodes.

All in all, I like the feel and flow of Creeped Out. While its not scary enough to keep you awake at night, its a good show for pre-teens and teens because its cool enough to keep them intrested and it has enough substance and style to deliver good standalone stories that gets the kids to think. Check it out on Netflix before the second season comes out next year.