Usher in 2019 with Mary Poppins and Bumblebee at SM Cinemas

mary-beeAfter celebrating an all-Filipino line up in the theaters for the Metro Manila Film Festival, welcome the new year with an amazing movie line up from SM Cinemas for 2019 as it opens the year with two of the most anticipated movies in Hollywood.

The sixth installment in the Transformers franchise is  Bumblebee, a prequel that explores how the Autobots’ arrival to Earth and how Optimus Prime’s adorable badass lieutenant forges his first friendships with humans. Its the ultimate underdog movie the most family-friendly among the installments in the franchise so make sure you don’t miss this amazing prequel. Topbilled by Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena, the film is directed by animation expert Travis Knight in his first foray into live action.

After the original Mary Poppins was released in 1964 and won Julie Andrews an Oscar for her portrayal of the role, British actress Emily Blunt takes on the iconic role to continue the umbrella carrying nanny’s journey with her former charges Michael and Jane (Emily Mortimer), who now have families of their own. Mary Poppins Returns sees the reunion for the iconic nanny to literally save the day just as Michael (Ben Whishaw) deals with financial bankruptcy and the daunting task of raising his three children after his wife’s death. Mary Poppins Returns has received positive reviews from critics because of the strong performances of the new generation of cast members, so don’t be the last to hit the theaters to relive the magic.

These two amazing movies opened in SM Cinema theaters January 8 so make sure to pencil them in for the weekend with your fam.