Game of Thrones Epic Battles (Part 9): Loot Train Attack

game-of-thrones-the-spoils-of-war-6Remember that time when Game of Thrones suffered from the leak of Season 7 Episode 4: Spoils of War? Well, the episode was leaked several days early and the Loot Train Attack, staged by Dany and the Dothrakis against Jamie Lannister and the Tarlys were part of this episode and this is hands down one of the most epic battles in Game of Thrones history even if it was lopsided. Even with the leak, it managed to pull in over 10 million viewers and it was definitely well deserved.

Synopsis: Daenerys’ homecoming hasn’t exactly been met by zealous well wishers and victories. Instead, the Mother of Dragons finds that she is being outsmarted by Cersei Lannister and her allies with each battle. After attacking Casterley Rock in full force and finding no one home, only to learn that Jamie has raided Highgarden, Dany has lost her patience and wants to to flex her muscle to prove that she is the Queen deserving of the people’s fear and support. She raids Jamie’s bounty which was intended to pay the Lannisters’ debt with the Iron Bank and this puts a spoke on the wheel of Cersei’s plan to secure another loan to fund her war for the throne.

I was pretty on the fence about this episode because I am disgusted by the mere idea of shipping Daenerys with Jon Snow (given the knowledge that we have that he is actually her nephew) which made up the first part of the episode. I feel like this storyline is a sellout to fans wanting the Dragon and the Wolf to get it on but it truly turns my stomach. Well, the idea is first implied in this episode  but enough about this. (The writing has indeed deteriorated in the show with the lack of original material to base it on, but its still pretty solid)

For the first time, Dany seeks counsel from Jon on what she should do to advance her campaign. Jon makes a wise suggestion but knowing how hot tempered Dany can be, she went with her idea anyway.

And what idea was this? Well, to ambush Jamie and his party with her Dothraki Army with the addition of her favorite dragon and eldest son Drogon. I must say Dany behaving like a warlord is a boon for entertainment but a bane to her character development.

Still, every battle which leads with the Dothraki riding full tilt in all their savage glory is already a glorious battle but the fact that it was basically a slaughter of the Tarly army was actually quite entertaining to watch. The Loot Train Attack was merely an excuse to show off their bravery and their fighting skills with none of the enemies even putting up a fair fight. I felt really bad for Jamie as the episode progressed, although he definitely improved on his one handed swordfighting technique.

I felt bad for Jamie and struck another point against Dany when Drogon got injured. True. Dragons were a tactical advantage, but they are living creatures and they are vulnerable to attack, and Cersei, who will stop at nothing to take Dany down definitely prepared for it with Qyburn’s invention, the Scorpion. Good thing that Drogon performed magnificently and showed that even when injured, he shares the same impatience and temper as his mother.

All in all, the Loot Train Attack was a pivotal battle in the showdown between the two Queens. It is a statement meant to provoke Cersei into facing off with Dany and shortening the time she needs to get the Throne, but what Dany must not yet understand is that her posturings are evenly matched with Cersei’s cunning.