Which movie mom are you?

Movie moms often represent the different types of mothers that we have in real life. Parenthood is a challenge in itself but motherhood is a whole ‘nother story. Just for fun, I gathered the different personality types of moms from some of the most popular films out there and made a list. Rest assured that no matter what you pick, you are already an extraordinary and amazing woman. Advance Happy Mothers’ Day, y’all.

Ready? Check out these extraordinary characters below and see who fits you!

The Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins). You may look stern and no nonsense. Correction, you are stern and no nonsense. You like to keep your brood in line. Pick up your toys, look after your little brother. You bark out orders like a general. But you have a way of doing things that makes it fun for your kids to complete their chores. Whether its a game or a song, you get things done together and it doesn’t feel like work at all. Very few hold this type of magic and charisma in real life which makes it really special.

The Erin Brockovich (Erin Brockovich). Whether is taking care of your baby, taking care of the household, keeping down a job or getting the community involved about an environmental issue which may or may not pit you against a powerful multinational corporation, you take it all in stride as if its a walk in the park like Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts). As an expert multitasker, you rise to every occasion even in the face of an uphill battle and you make sure that you prevail.

The Leanne Touhy (Blindside). What makes Leanne Touhy  (Sandra Bullock) super cool is like Erin, she is based on a real life person so everything she does in the movie, she did in real life. If you’re anything like this mom, you are a strong and confident woman who knows she’s the boss of the household, who knows how to assert her authority in and out of her own turf. Blood and color are not an issue for Leanne, who goes the extra mile to see her adopted son Michael Oher’s potential met. This petite powerhouse will go through dangerous neighborhoods, mouth off against anyone who discriminates against her son and treats all her kids fairly whether they actually came out of her or not. This tough cookie has a heart of gold.

The Molly Weasley (Harry Potter saga). The Weasley matriarch was on the top of our list when making the Badass movie moms post mainly because she embodies the strength of each and every mother. She takes care of her family and keeps the peace amid the chaos but if you try to harm any member of her brood, she turns into a dragon, a fierce defender who will stop for nothing and for no one. If you’re anything like Molly, you have my sincerest admiration.

Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast). Mrs. Potts (Angela Lansbury) is a great mom because even though she and everyone she knows fall under a curse and suddenly become cutlery, she keeps a positive attitude and teaches her kids to do the same. She is kind and warmhearted, a well of good advice and her motherly demeanor has provided comfort to Belle and the rest of the castle at a time of great distress. She is an excellent confidante who knows her place and is always there when you need her. No wonder Mr. Potts was distraught without her. If you’re a mom like this, who needs yoga?

The Mama Boucher(The Waterboy). Like Mama Boucher (Kathy Bates), you are overprotective. You panic about everything. You are somewhat paranoid that something bad will happen to your precious son (or daughter) when you are not looking. At times you get overbearing but you always mean well. You want the best for your family and you always want them to be happy even if sometimes it comes at the cost of your own. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is  you need to relax and trust your little one to do the right thing. Once you acknowledge that, you will be A-okay. Mama Bouchers are often misunderstood but know that you are loved. You are a real life superwoman.

Regina George’s mom (Mean Girls). Your kids treat you like a friend. They’re comfortable to share things with you and they’re not afraid to explore their potentials because they know they have your support no matter what. Its difficult to figure out the boundaries of motherhood and friendship and it sometimes gets difficult to assert your authority because of this ease in your relationship but you got it. Okay, so Regina George’s mom doesn’t seem like the most ideal character to identify with but you get my drift, right? And you’re awesome, by the way

The Amy (Bad Moms). If you’re like Amy (Mila Kunis) in Bad Moms (in the early parts of the movie) it looks like its been weeks since you last had a shower because you’ve been so busy taking care of the household that you forget to take care of yourself. Worse, you are underappreciated by the people who should appreciate you the most. But finding a balance is not impossible. You can still be a perfectly imperfect mom if you relax a little and let your hair down. Having fun once in a while does not diminish your worthiness as a mom. Your kids might even relate to you better for this.

So there you have it folks! Which movie mom do you think describes you?