Coolest TV Moms: A List

Its really hard to come up with lists like these because I really have to dig deep into my history of TV and film viewing so I won’t miss anyone. Another thing too is that readers’ tastes don’t always mirror mine so if I don’t include your faves on the list, I send out advance apologies. Feel free to sound off on the comments section if you have any ideas. So from my vantage point, here are the best TV moms over the years. And to all moms out there, Cheers and Happy Mothers’ Day!

Lorelei (Gilmore Girls). It is enviable to see Lorelei Gilmore’s relationship with her daughter Rory because they have that chill vibe going on about them and that they’re basically each other’s best friend. At times, Rory seems like she is even the more mature one in their relationship so this dynamic is unusual but still interesting. What I like about Lorelei is that despite her handicaps and imperfections, she really tries her best for her daughter. Raising her a single parent really is tough, especially since she also has to deal with her own relationship with her mother Emily, who, unlike her is more conservative and reserved. Nobody can question Lorelei’s love for Rory. It is the one thing absolute in the entire series and its really what draws audiences to the pair.

Mary Cooper (The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon). No matter what iteration, Sheldon Cooper’s mom is always on the top of our list because we’ve seen Sheldon as an adult and as a child in both TBBT and YS. We know how difficult raising a genius is, especially one as particular and as OC as Sheldon. Yet, this regular mom went the extraordinary mile to make sure that she caters to Sheldon’s peculiarities, as well as raise two of her other children in the best way that she can, making sure that Sheldon, George and Missy turn out the way they do. She knows Sheldon like the back of her hand and she doesn’t let him get away with anything (only lets him think he does) and she asserts her authority over her young — at all times. A major plus in my book is composing “Soft Kitty” for Sheldon. If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

Joyce (Stranger Things). Joyce is the type or down on her luck single parent whose life revolves around her work and her two children, Jonathan and Will. When Will disappears mysteriously, she never abandons the hope that she will find her son safe and sound. Even when the events surrounding his loss seemed impossible, her blind faith led her to all the clues that eventually led her to the Upside Down. After saving Will, she makes sure she is beside him every step of the way as he grapples with the darkness that followed him out. That’s motherhood for you.

Lois (Malcolm in the Middle). She is the only woman in her household and everyone knows she’s the boss. Her kids quake in fear of her wrath and given the amount of trouble that Francis, Reese, Malcolm and Dewey get into, she’s a vet when it comes to rambunctious boys. She loves her boys equally and she doesn’t bat an eyelash when it comes to dealing with anyone who messes with any one of them. She means business every single time and her reasoning is always justified and sound. An amazing woman with nerves of steel, she is releateable to every mother who has ever had to survive the jungle they call home.

Sheila (Santa Clarita Diet).  Not everyone can boast of a mom who munches on people’s digits for dinner but that’s exactly what Joel and have to deal with when Sheila turns into a zombie. True, her views of right and wrong have been screwed by her constant hunger for human meat and blood but it never compromised her love for her family. If anything, this family bonding over scrambling for Scandinavian vomit, as well as storing of other body parts, has made their family so much closer than ever.

Lagertha (Vikings). Having a beautiful and strong woman for a mom is amazing but even more so when, even after being left by her husband for another woman, she charts her own path in the world and becomes a conqueror herself. She always provides guidance and counsel to her son Bjorn Ironside and it is mostly because of Lagertha that he is effectively following the legacy of his father. She is badass and no one in his right mind should ever think of underestimating her.

Sorry, I couldn’t include moms in family dramas in this list although that would be interesting because I just haven’t followed these types of series all that much. But I hope you enjoyed my list. Again, celebrate your mothers today and everyday. They are amazing!