Detective Pikachu: Movie Review

pokemon-detective-pikachuIf ever you’re looking for anything to completely eliminate your bad mood, make sure to check out Detective Pikachu and you will be sure to leave the cinema grinning from ear to ear no matter what age you are. I guess this is the best guarantee I can give for the movie and I give it willingly and without question.

Synopsis: After finding that his father Harry Goodman, a detective with the Ryme City Police Department perished from a fatal car accident, Tim (Justice Smith) comes to the city to sort out his things. However, he discovers that he can actually talk to his dad’s Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds), and the duo search for clues behind a bigger conspiracy that involves a Mewtwo, a genetically engineered psychic pokemon that has the ability to flyy, block special abilities and communicate with both humans and Pokemon.

Let me just say that whether you are a fan of Pokemon’s animated series, games and other merchandise, you will surely enjoy Detective Pikachu. First, the live action adaptation paid respect to the original designs in the franchise by faithfully adapting them to CGI. Second, they used first generation Pokemon that are familiar to everyone. I watched Pokemon only during its earlier seasons and I was happy to note that the movie featured characters like Squirtle, Bulbusaur, Charmander and Charizard, Mr. Mime, Eeeve and other characters that were introduced in the original series. I was already invested in the movie within the first 10 minutes. It was so much fun “visiting” with these Pokemon and it relived my teenage years for sure.

I loved Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu. He injected the character with as much personality as he did Deadpool and while he seemed familiar, he was equally effective as a PG version of the Merc with a Mouth. He also established a strong chemistry with co-star Justice Smith and channeled a buddy comedy vibe that appeals to both kids and adults.

I must say that much of my enjoyment was owed to how cute Pikachu looked the whole time. His personality made him even cuter. I loved the character designs and the texture of the CGI which made the cartoon characters pop out of the screen. The details were inspired by actual everyday objects like pet fur or a stuffed toy so it made them feel like they knew how a PIkachu would feel like in their arms. I loved the script. It was witty and smart. The plot and the twist was not overly complicated but it was easy to follow for fans of the franchise and casual viewers.

I liked the young cast as well. Justice Smith carried off his lead role quite well and Kathryn Newton, with her sassy approach to her character as the nosy and aggressive intern Lucy Stevens was a perfect foil to Tim’s personality. I loved Psyduck because of his neurosis. He was super funny. MVP among the Pokemons for sure.

Flawless CGI, a respectful treatment to the source material, a story that resonates to fans and non fans alike and a perfect cast makes for one entertaining movie and that’s pretty much the summary of Detective Pikachu. I would really love to see Ryan Reynolds reprise the role. The twist at the end was super cool, I’m telling you. I had so much fun. This is how you do a live action adaptation.

Here’s an endless loop of Pikachu dancing to put you in a good mood.