Trailer Reviews: Top Gun Maverick, Creepshow Reboot, Cats The Movie

trailers-creepshow-tom-taylorThe San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) brought may great surprises to movie fans and trailer releases came full force this week. While Rick Grimes is set to make a comeback with his The Walking Dead theatrical release (the first of a trilogy, we hear), there are three trailers that really grabbed our attention. Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick, Stephen King’s Creepshow 2019 Reboot and Taylor Swift’s Cats Live Action Movie. Lets see how they stack up.

Stephen King’s Creepshow

The original Creepshow anthology film, helmed by Dawn of the Dead’s George A. Romero, was campy,  creepy and fun. The Cryptkeeper looked like a joke and felt like a joke but it was a great horror comedy that entertained its audience, plain and simple. Plus, Stephen King had a role in one of the stories so if you’re a fan, you must have loved it as we have.

The 2019 reboot of Creepshow in series form will reimagine 12 of Stephen King’s novellas from this literary franchise. Straight off the bat, it seems to have a different feel. With original director George A. Romero on board, as well as The Walking Dead Executive Producer Greg Nicotero, fans will get the idea that the show is in good hands.

Not only does the new Creepshow have a more intense feel and better effects (practical and SFX), the show promises to utilize the expertise of Nicotero and Romero in bringing to life these horrors that Stephen King imagined with a combination of macabre seriousness and 80’s horror hilarity. I’m thinking more along the lines of Ash and the Evil Dead for this anthology series and I hope I won’t be disappointed. High hopes for this series.

Top Gun: Maverick

To tell you guys frankly, I have often confused Tom Cruise’s Top Gun movies with Charlie Sheen’s Hot Shots. Both feature skilled pilots and heartthrobs of their time and I, for one, was too young to crush on anyone in 1986 when the first movie originally came out. So, with that said, I might have to look for the original Tom Cruise starrer and watch it (and the sequel) to get a context of Top Gun: Maverick.

Even without knowing much about the Top Gun franchise, the trailer seems to keep audience on the same page by drumming up the accomplishments of Tom Cruise’s character Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

True to his name, this dude seems like he’s still a maverick who enjoys his freedom to do as he pleases even though roughly three decades have passed since we last saw him on screen. I appreciate the way Tom Cruise got back into the character that played a big role in his A-list career, but there was also a very sentimental quality to the trailer that hinted that he was getting ready to pass on the torch to the next generation of Top Guns. Whether this sequel manages to generate interest in a continuation of the franchise or not, I would not be surprised if Tom still does his own stunts in this movie and impresses with his professionality Mission Impossible style.

I have no doubt that his 80s fans will be the first to line up in the cinemas to see this film.

Cats Live Action Movie

What exactly is wrong with the Cats trailer to make it trend globally and unite Twitterverse in enumerating the things that they detest about the Taylor Swift-starrer?

I know nothing about Cats, only that is is based on a successful Broadway show and that it features felines in some sort of a power struggle to see who reigns supreme. I am a cat lover IRL, but I felt really uncomfortable seeing the trailer, for some reason.

I think I was just weirded out by the design that it kind of takes everything along with it. No amount of excellent vocals from Jennifer Hudson could shake off the distraction of seeing people masquerading as felines and selling it as something real.

Are you serious? They have people face.



This basically sums it up.

Ahhh Twitter, you are always on point. As for me, after seeing that trailer, I am scarred fuuurrrr life. Pun intended.